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Maria Zambaco


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Maria Zambaco

A model used by the Pre-Raphaelite painters.

Edward Burne-Jones, part of the second phase of Pre-Raphaelitism used Zambaco as a model for Phyllis in his 1870 painting "Phyllis and Demophoon".

The tale is from Ovid. Phyllis, queen of Thrace, falls in love with Demophoon, a veteran of the Trojan War. After several months of romance, Demophoon sets sail for Athens, vowing to return shortly. When he does not return, Phyllis is distraught and the gods alleviate her suffering by turning her into an almond tree. Demophoon eventually returns to Thrace and upon learning of Phyllis' status goes to hug the tree which momentarily is restored as the Queen.

Burne-Jones had a love affair with Ms. Zambaco from 1867-1870. Apparently by the time of the painting his affair with Ms. Zambaco was on the verge of collapse. The use of the woman he was in love as the model for Phyllis continued the Pre-Raphaelite trend of using friends as models for the characters they depicted in their paintings.

Phyllis and Demophoon
by Edward Burne-Jones. 1870.
Gouache on paper. 91.5 x 45.8 cm.
City Art Gallery, Birmingham, England

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Maria Zambaco- Pre-Raphaelite
Cosmic Player Plate
Published: May 25, 1997

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