Yoko Ono, Thirdbase

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Yoko Ono

Born February 18, 1933 in Tokyo, Japan

Artist, Musician

Yoko Ono was also known as Mrs. John Lennon because he was her third husband.

By the time Yoko Ono met John Lennon in 1966, she was already an internationally known avant-garde artist. In fact, she met Lennon at her own one-woman art show at the Indica Gallery in London. She was an early innovator in the "performance art" genre and many commentators have recognized her unique contributions to music. For example, Eric Clapton:

"I think she's amazing...she is doing something
 unique-- it has never been done before"
or consider the music critic for the New York Times, Robert Palmer:
"As in the Japanese hetai...the occasional semblance
 of vocal straining is deliberate [in Ono's music],
 an approach in keeping with the emotional
 imperatives of the songs in which this 
'straining' occurs...It's just that most pop
 listeners aren't used to hearing
  multi-cultural and avant-garde vocal
 techniques used in what are unambiguously
 pop-rock tunes."

Yoko Ono was educated in Tokyo at the Gakushuin University, where she majored in philosophy and at Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she studied music and philosophy. Her first marriage was to Japanese composer Toshi Ichiyanagi (1956-1963), her second marriage was to art promoter Tony Cox (1963-1968) and in 1969 she married Lennon. She has two children: Kyoko Chan Cox (born 1963) and Sean Ono Lennon (born 1975).

Yoko Ono

Batting Record

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Ono, Yoko 1995 Virgins if/of .291 581 169 0 61 *Cosmic Seasons: 1 .291 581 169 0 61

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