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William Burroughs

American Writer

Burroughs was a major influence on the first generation of Beat writers. Always controversial, even sympathetic critics have had difficulty understanding Burroughs' ethos. Like Neal Cassady and Lew Welch, and like Kerouac, Burroughs could not adapt to conventional environments.

Burroughs met Ginsberg and Kerouac, writers nearly ten years younger, in New York in the 1940s. His fascination with the underworld (drugs, crime, guns) fascinated the young college writers. It was Burroughs' friend, Herbert Huncke who used the word "beat" to describe the existential condition of the social outcast.

Burroughs began writingin his mid-thirties. His first novel, Junkie, depicts the netherworld of the dope addict. Other works include Naked Lunch and Nova. In Kerouac's novels, Burroughs is variously represented as Will Denison (The Town and the City), Will Hubbard (Vanity of Dulouz), Old Bull Lee (On The Road), Frank Carmody (The Subterraneans), Bull Hubbard (Desolation Angels and Book of Dreams)

William Burroughs

YEAR  TEAM              ERA     IP  Won     Lost    Win Pct     SO
Burroughs, William
1983  Beats             4.46    206     15      12   .556         85
1984  Beats             3.78    162      5      10   .333         88
1985  Beats             3.65    207      6      16   .273        104
1987  Beats             3.61    272     16      14   .533        112
1995  Beats             3.33    189     12      12   .500        121

           TOTALS       3.77   1036     54      64   .439        510

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