The League of Presidential Prospects

Washington Presidents

2008 Rookie Selection

Series 1 Report: 01.27.07

The Cosmic Baseball Association's team of United States chief political executives, the Washington Presidents, will have an opportunity to draft a new player on November 4, 2008. The list of prospective rookies is long enough that two prospect teams, one representing the Democratic Party prospects and the other representing the Republican Party prospects, can now be configured. (At the present time, there are no serious independent candidates for the United States presidency.)

The Republican Prospects
as of January 27, 2007
Sam Brownback Pitcher
Jim GilmoreInfield/Outfield
Newt Gingrich Rightfield
Rudy Giulani Leftfield
Chuck HagelCenterfield
Mike Huckabee Infield/Outfield
Duncan HunterInfield/Outfield
John McCain Pitcher
George Pataki Shortstop
Ron Paul Thirdbase
Mitt Romney Secondbase
Tom Tancredo Firstbase
Tommy Thompson Catcher
The Democratic Prospects
as of January 27, 2007
Joe Biden Shortstop
Wesley Clark Rightfield
Hillary Clinton Pitcher
Christopher Dodd Centerfield
John EdwardsLeftfield
Al Gore Thirdbase
Dennis Kucinich Secondbase
Barack Obama Pitcher
Bill Richardson Catcher
Tom Vilsack Firstbase

The League of Presidential Prospects

Series I

January 27, 2007

Donkeys Win Series 1 (3-2 Games)

Linescores & Statistical Data

While in Iowa, Hillary Clinton should head for the closest baseball diamond and play baseball with the citizens, real and imagined in the state. Tainted with the Chicago baseball stain (Hillary was born in Illinois) she could help herself by bathing in Iowa-bred baseball light. Her performance during this early prospect league series was impressive. She was assigned a pitching position and she pitched very well, compiling a three-game win record against no losses.

The early indicators suggest that a member of the Democratic Party will win the 2008 presidential election. The Donkeys won this first series against their political rivals, members of the "Grand Old Party", the Republicans. An examination of the box scores indicates that Hillary Clinton pitched a superb three games, winning all three contests.

Nobody is suggesting that the events on the cosmic baseball field of play have any direct or tangible relationship to the electoral political process in the United States of America. There are very sophisticated pundits, operatives, pollsters, and political insiders who can more certainly predict the results. Rather, what transpires on the cosmic baseball field is usually just an inch of karma.

XScouts have been told to watch Newt Gingrich. His performance during this series was above average but not spectacular. He batted .263 in 19 at bats. He hit two doubles and did not strikeout. Gingrich committed no errors in right field. The former speaker of the house, who developed a legacy of divisiveness may be transforming himself. He speaks like a reconciler. Should Gingrich be taken seriously? Time will tell.

John McCain pitched three complete games, all losses but compiled a respectable 3.33 earned run average. He struck out four but walked eight. And he gave up one of only two home runs hit during this series. His three losses hurt, no question about it. Pundits edge McCain ahead of the Republican pack...well ahead of Gingrich. Should McCain be taken seriously?


Donkeys Win, 4-2; Donkeys Lead, 1-0

Elephants Win, 5-4; Series Tied

Donkeys win, 3-2, Donkeys Lead, 2-1

Elephants win, 10-9; Series Tied 2-2

Donkeys Win, 6-2; Donkeys WIN Series, 3-2

Note: The Elephants (Republicans) will be the home team for all games played by the 2008 League of Presidential Prospects. This rule is determined by the current occupancy of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. at the time of the game(s).

How are the "Presidential Player" positions determined?

Cosmic baseball players are created using a player potential program that yields a nine digit rating. When there is a preponderance of a specific digit, the new cosmic player is assigned to its baseball position equivalent using the traditional matrix.

Modifications were made to the basic matrix generator and implemented for the first time during the creation of the 2008 presidential prospects. What is unique for this iteration of the Presidential draft is the elongation of the timeline.

In the example at right, Democratic presidential hopeful, Senator Joseph Biden generated nine digits that aligned him with the shortstop position.

Pitcher 1
Catcher 2
Firstbase 3
Secondbase 4
Thirdbase 5
Shortstop 6
Leftfield 7
Centerfield 8
Rightfield 9
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