Washington Presidents @ Paradise Pisces

A Cosmic Overleague Baseball Game Report

Season Opener March 15, 2001

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Pisces Win, 8-6





Game Data

Homeruns   John Adams (Grandslam), Ronald Reagan, Drew Barrymore, Bobby Unser, Anton Vivaldi
Triples   None
Doubles   Andrew Jackson, James Fillmore (2), Henrik Ibsen, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Stolen Bases   None
Caught Stealing   None
Double Plays   Presidents-2; Pisces-1
Errors   Presidents-1 (Lyndon Johnson)
Left-on-Base   Presidents-8; Pisces-5

Game Most Cosmic Player

Bobby Unser

Umpires    Mark Chmura, Michael Stakel, Lionel Tate
Time   3 hours 15 minutes
Attendance   undisclosed
Weather   Windy, Sunny, 61o F.
Official Scorer   Sal Paradise


Despite John Adams' sixth inning grand slam the Washington Presidents fell to last season's champions, the Paradise Pisces. In the inaugural game of the 20th cosmic season there was plenty of good hitting and moments of superb pitching.

Washington President rookie George W. Bush debuted with an 0 for 4 performance at the plate. Veteran President pitcher Ronald Reagan tried helping himself offensively with a third inning solo homerun. The Pisces simply picked up where they left off last year with strong offense (Barrymore, Unser and Vivaldi had homeruns) and aside from his sixth inning blunder Pisces starter Wyatt Earp pitched a solid game.

What a pleasure that the cosmic baseball season has begun.

Simulation   115

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Cosmic Game Report- Presidents @ Pisces
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Published: March 15, 2001
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