1995 Paradise Pisces

Andy Warhol, Shortstop

American Artist (1928-1987)

There is a certain amount of mystery about this founder of the Pop Art movement. For example it is not certain that 1928 was his real year of birth. It might have been earlier. Warhol started as a commercial graphic artist in the 1950s. In 1960, using an innovative silk screening technique he created enlarged pictures of cartoon images. In 1962 he began creating the large repetition images of Campbell soup cans, Marilyn Monroe and other potent cultural iconography. By 1963 Warhol had begun working in the field of cinema producing Sleep (1963), Empire (1964) and The Chelsea Girls (1966). Like the work being forged by the "structuralists" of the independent American avant-garde film movement (i.e. Snow, Gehr, Gerson), Warhol's films make use of time as a cinematic antagonist.

Warhol was drafted by the Pisces during the Artists Draft last Winter.

Andy Warhol
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Andy Warhol, 1995 Pisces
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