Vestal Virgins @ Valhalla Minstrels

Pre Season Cosmic Game Report

February 15, 2001

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Virgins Win, 7-2





Game Data

Homeruns   Kim Fairchild, Helena Blavatsky, Sylvia Plath
Triples   Harold Arlen
Doubles   Fairchild, Blavatsky, Hillary Clinton
Stolen Bases   None
Caught Stealing   None
Double Plays   Virgins-1; Minstrels-1
Errors   Minstrels-1 (Arlen, Throwing)
Left-on-Base   Virgins-10; Minstrels-12

Game Most Cosmic Player

Helena Blavatsky

Umpires    W.C. Fields, Linda Tripp, J. Henry Waugh
Time   3 hours 8 minutes
Attendance   1,001
Weather   Sunny & Warm
Official Scorer   Bat Masterson


Pre Season games at the Cosmic Baseball Association are interesting because of the chance to see teams from different leagues compete. With the exception of post-season games, there are no official inter-league games during the season.

It's not surprising to witness a veteran Overleague team like the Vestal Virgins chew up a new Underleague squad and indeed the Virgins kicked some bottoms around on the field of play. But take note, the rookie Valhalla Minstrels had there chances: they had baserunners every single inning.

Rarely are pre season performances a reliable barometer of actual performance during the season. Nevertheless Minstrels management has to be impressed with the power of shortstop composer Igor Stravinsky who was 2-for-2 today and both hits were homeruns. The Virgins will really get a boost if centerfielder and theosophist Helena Blavatsky can be as productive at the plate during the regular season as she was today.

Like most new cosmic teams the Minstrels are going to be shaky in the pitching department. Duke Ellington throws a lot of strikeouts but when he misses batters jump all over him. Virgin veteran pitcher Sylvia Plath was her usual sly self. Despite serving up eight bases on balls to her opponents she only allowed two runs to score. Plath also contributed to her team's offensive production with a sixth inning solo homerun. all in all Virgin field manager Anne Sexton has got to be feeling good about her team.

Simulation   118

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Cosmic Baseball Game Report- Virgins @ Minstrels (Pre Season)
Published: February 15, 2001
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