Cosmic Game Report

Vestal Virgins at Paradise Pisces

May 4, 1997

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Players who jump for the dough.
Bandits and crooks, every one.
Base ball's a pleasure, you know.
Players should play for the fun.
--Ring Lardner

Lineup Cards

Vestal VirginsPosInfo
1Calamity JaneLFFrontier Woman
2Uma ThurmanCActress
3Patti SmithSSMusician
4Caresse Crosby1BWriter
5Erica JongRFWriter
6Jackie Onassis3BEditor
7Isadora DuncanCFDancer
8Emily Dickinson2BPoet
9Camille PagliaPSocial Historian

Paradise PiscesPosInfo
1Alfonse DesadeSSWriter
2Hollis FramptonCFFilmmaker
3Sitting BullCNative American
4Robert GoddardRFRocket Scientist
5Al CaponeLFCriminal
6Allen Ginsberg1BPoet
7Louis Farrakhan2BSocial Activist
8Virginia Woolf3BWriter
9June MillerPMuse


Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runs Hits Errors
Virgins 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 10 1
Pisces 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0


Virgins-2 at Pisces-0

DP-Double Play; E-Error; FO-Fly Out; GO-Ground Out; HR-Homerun
K-Strikeout; LO-Lineout; T-Triple; W-Walk; - Single; = Double


Virgins-2 at Pisces-0

AB-At Bats; H-Hits; HR-Homeruns
RBI-Runs Batted In; B AVE-Batting Average

Pitching Details

W-Won; L-Lost; IP-Innings Pitched; H-Hits
R-Runs ER-Earned Runs; W-Walks; K-Strikeouts

Game Notes

Homeruns none
Triples none
Doubles Calamity Jane, Isadora Duncan
Errors Virgins-1 (Onassis)
Doubleplays Virgins-0
Left-on-Base Virgins-8

Stolen Bases none
Caught Stealing none
Umpires Applewhite, Gingrich, Rodman
Game Time 2 hours, 47 minutes
Attendance 33,335


Most Cosmic Player (MCP)
Camille Paglia


Camille Paglia pitched her first cosmic career shutout as the visiting Virgins beat the Pisces 2-0 in one of the better pitching duels of the young season. Paglia kept the Pisces to six hits, all singles, dished up two walks, two strikeouts and relied on some decent defense behind her to close down the usually powerful Pisces hitters.

Not only did Paglia pitch a beautiful game, she knocked in the game-winning RBI in the fifth inning. Isadora Duncan doubled to open the fifth and after Emily Dickinson hit a long ball to deep right which was just snagged by Pisces rightfielder Robert goddard, Paglia bounced a single over the head of Pisces firstbaseman Allen Ginsberg to score Duncan and the only run needed by the Virgins.

Caresse Crosby, the rookie Virgin firstbasewoman went four-for-four spraying four singles into left, center, right and left again. It looks like the Virgins might be climbing out of the hole they appeared to be digging for themselves in April.

Meanwhile, Pisces manager Henry Miller must be scratching his bald head trying to figure out how to re-ignite his offense which after a scorching start have lately been no more than a flickering spark. Miller has juggled around the lineup but that hasn't helped as the Pisces have lost their last three games while scoring a total of 2 runs. On the other hand, Miller's got to be pleased with the pitching performce of his wife, June, who pitched a decent game allowing only 2 runs in her first complete game of the season.

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CBA Game- Virgins at Pisces May 4, 1997
Published: May 5, 1997

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