Tina Akers Compton


b. 1985

The Tina Compton story is controversial. She will have to drop out of the 7th grade in order to play for the Virgins. But Tina says she loves the game, so perhaps her desire is enough.

Tina is 13 years old. She's one of eight children of Aubrey "Steven" Akers and Nancy Akers. Steve married Nancy when he was 26 and she was 16 in 1978. The marriage ended in divorce this year.

Tina is a wife. On August 24 of this year Tina married Wayne Compton, age 29, an unemployed roofer who stopped his education during his junior year in high school. Wayne met Tina through one of Tina's brothers. After a 2 month courtship Wayne and Tina fell in love.

Tina is a mother. In September Tina gave birth to a son, Austin. According to Wayne, Tina told him she wanted a baby. Wayne told a reporter from the Washington Post, "Whatever [Tina] wants, she pretty much got from me." Wayne says, referring to his new wife and son, that all he wants now is "to be a family to them both."

Tina describes her husband as nice and lovable. "I just love him," she coos.

A candidate for the Anne Arundel county state attorney office, Richard R. Trunnell, claims "there's no way that a 13-year-old can know it's time to quit school and have a child." Others think the marriage inappropriate and ill-advised. And others even think that Wayne Compton is a sexual predator and a pedophile and guilty of statutory rape.

Tina's parents did not object to the marriage. Tina's father, age 46, says the couple "got involved when she was too young. But they're trying to do the right thing." Steve Akers is supportive of his young daughter and new son-in-law.

In response to her critics, Tina replies, "I'm married. It's over and done with and no one can do anything about it."

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