Through Minds Into Bodies

This writer fucked his way through bodies
giving notice to spent minds who
minded the constant torrent
what goes first? is it the mind?
so fucked around it struggles to find
an empty cage
how quickly mind is torn apart
why does mind succumb so quickly
then recover?
bandage mind's head
but now mind's body is apart
stitch it back together
reduced, confused, defused
the writer yanks again
in and out
inside, outside
the body minds itself.

[August, 1990]

Piet Cross was born in the United States in 1952. He lives with his five children, 3 dogs, 3 cats and several assorted fish in Providence, Rhode Island where he teaches at a private school for writers and poets.. Click Here to view the Piet Cross Poetry Index.

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Piet Cross Poetry-Bodies of Knowledge, "Through Minds Into Bodies"
Published: August 1, 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association
Copyright © 1990 by Piet Cross