Sadeian Women @ American First Ladies

A Personal Cosmic Game

Game Notes

Sadeian Women Win, 8-5

Time: 3 hours 18 minutes
Attendance: 6,901
Weather: Sunny
Umpires: Monica Lewinsky, Fanny Pistor, Virginia Woolf

For some it seemed that this was to be a symbolic game where virtue and its opposite meet on the cosmic baseball field. And like all good tales virtue was supposed to reign victorious. But symbolically speaking that didn't happen. Metaphoric analysis aside, this game was an above average contest between two teams made up of determined, gritty and rather wily players.

The Sadeian Women ultimately prevailed because of a superior ability to seize opportunity. The American First Ladies had their chances but as is so often the case in this game of inches, those chances were squandered too frequently.

One small aside: A pleasant sensation was felt by this observer when after the game was over the two groups of women co-mingled with each other. After awhile these adversaries on the field headed hand in hand to the showers.