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Stella Sampas

As a young girl, Stavroula Sampatacacus, had a crush on her brother's friend, one Jack Kerouac. A Kerouac biographer even claims she carried his books around. Years later, after he had been crowned King of the Beats, after "on the road" transmuted to "on the bottle", after the vim and vigor of the Zen-mused poet became the sardonic amused cynic, Jack married Stella.

The marriage lasted about three years. It terminated in November, 1969 when Kerouac died from internal bleeding, a result of his drinking. The nature of their marriage is not entirely clear. The general picture that emerges of Stella is that she was akin to Xanthippe, Socrates' wife who legend has it, was a nagging shrew. In fact, there is speculation that Kerouac even planned to divorce his third wife.

Nevertheless, when Stella died in 1990, she was buried with Jack and her family retains much of the control over his literary estate.

Stella Sampas

YEAR  TEAM             POS    B.AVG   At Bats  Hits     HR     RBI
----  ---------------  -----  ------  ------  ------  ------  ------
Sampas, Stella
1995  Beats            3b      .260      338      88       1      32

*Cosmic Seasons: 1             .260      338      88       1      32

Stella Sampas at Literary Kicks

Interesting article, that among other topics, discusses relationship of Jack and Stella.

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Stella Sampas- 1996 Dharma Beats
Published: February 3, 1996
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