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Nine Best Singles @ Nancy & Sluggo

A Personal Cosmic Game

Teams created by Eddie Wood

14-June-1999 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Runs Hits Errors
9 Best Singles Team 2 0 0 2 0 0 1 4 0 9 16 0
Nancy & Sluggo Team 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 4 0 7 12 1
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Team Rosters

NANCY & SLUGGO TEAM- An American Epic Team
Player Position Description
Big Tree Stamp Catcher Big Tree, named after the Bob Marley reference to the "Big Three" record producers in Jamaica in the 1970's, combines size and bowling alley skills in a rare combination of bulk and cunning. He calls a mean game, utilizing equal parts of smarts and arts. On the 7-year B.A. program in the off-season.
Babs G. Strong Firstbase Raised in the Iowa cornfields, Babs pulls her nom de beisbol from the Olympic swimmer, Shirley Babashoff, an obscure role model to certain women with certain belief systems. Babs is a life-long student and writer, whose strengths lie outside the game of baseball.
Figger Erickson Secondbase Figger was awarded her moniker as a result of her habit of pointing out the small hobgoblins of local public officials, pantsing them in public, and then suggesting that everyone should "go figure" or "figger", as her fans suggested. She has range, an ability to move to the left, and good bat speed.
Puddin' Campbell Shortstop Puddin' started as a left-fielder, where she quickly proved her feistiness with an astounding series of expletives directed at her mentor and benefactor, Coach Eddie. Moved to shortstop, she demonstrated her dexterity and pivot. More of a slap hitter, she has shown an ability to hit the gaps.
Mario Boatlip Lansford Stelmah Thirdbase Boatlip has an eye on the crowd and a beetle in her pocket, as she scours the stands for a particular good time lad who might reward her for her glove work. She covers the hot corner as well as anyone since Wayne Gross, and is able to move the runners along offensively. Not much of a long ball threat.
Cricket Stamp Left Field Moved to the outfield in order to bring a bit more punch to a loquacious set of outfield speedsters, Cricket brings some limited range and a good sense of theatre. His bat skills are legendary, but his arm and foot speed are suspect. He dreams of Columbus, and is usually found out in his position (left field), practicing.
Noon Mullin Centerfield Long and lanky, sleek and smooth, he is the Gem of the Outfield, covering that part of the world not covered by water. Also serves as one of the top relievers in the game, and Noon considers himself no more than half way to the end of his road. Known also as the man who married his wife twice, and both marriages are going strong.
Truck Trent Rightfield Strong, bulked, the type of player Roberto Clemente might admire. Acquired from the Wedding Boys of Baltimore in a trade for a Toyota, some gaming chips and a date with Orrin Hatch, Truck has power, speed, and youth. The only member of the team to have run a marathon, he also can hit for average. Occasional good taste in everyday behaviors. May have invented the internet, with buddy Al.
Cheetah Turtle Partch Pitcher Cheetah is short, smart and sassy, and tall, blond, and busty. She once supplied Albert Belle with underwear. She mixes heat with breaking balls, and relies upon her change- up for the strikeout pitch. Keen with the competitive spirit, she drives a Volvo station wagon
Eddie Wood, Jr Manager & Hairdresser
Tony Hairdo Coach & Batboy
Wendall Kim Coach Honorary
Mister Potato Head Owner & Mascot
NINE GREAT SINGLES TEAM- Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Singles of All Time
Player Position Description
Satisfaction Catcher Rolling Stones. This June 1965 hit was recorded in Chicago. Re-recorded in Hollywood with the now famous bass line, it has good moves and calls a solid game. Less offensive-minded than earlier in its career, it still moves down the line well.
When a Man Loves a Woman Firstbase Percy Sledge. Good solid performer, this classic has nearly been wrecked by overplay, but it still can scoop up the low throw. Moves a lot like Mo Vaughn. Alternates with Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs when facing left-handed pitching.
Smells Like Teen Spirit Secondbase Nirvana. Considered an abstract howl of youthful impatience when it first came up to the majors, this 1991 product moves with speed, and covers the ground between first and second with frantic abandon.
Radar Love Shortstop Golden Earring. A surprise selection, its pounding beat and slap-the-dirt power give it the greatest combination of speed, hands, and bat strength at the shortstop position since Ernie Banks. Let's play it twice.
What's Going On? Thirdbase Marvin Gaye. The 1971 question put Dylan's "how does it feel" onto the back burner. The opening alto sax leads to a multi-tracked lead vocal which demonstrates the qualities essential to the Hot Box: quick reflexes, a gentle touch, and more than a small spark of lightnin'. Not much chance of bunting down the line against this monster.
Hey Jude Leftfield Beatles. Not much of an arm, but a revolutionary stick at the plate. This seasoned veteran can hit from either side (b/w Revolution) and hits the walls consistently with line drives. Heads turn when it comes to the plate, and the fans remember where they were when they first heard of this star.
Be My Baby Center Field Ronettes. Came up to the majors one year after He's A Rebel, it tears up the basepaths, starting simply, and ending with dynamic force, meaning and purpose. Stay out of the way when this Baby is chasing one to the fence.
Good Vibrations Rightfield Beach Boys. Not a traditional right fielder, this 1966 star shows infatuation in a positive light. It is obsessive, fresh, and compelling, compulsive, precious, and inspired. It hits for average and with some power, and does everything all wrong. It's a major league ballplayer.
Moondance Pitcher Van Morrison. Seductive, dancing in the moonlight, this jazzy ballad keeps the hitters off balance and moving. Hitters tend to move their feet while hitting against this little celestial object, and even the more cynical ones are moved back away from the plate by its screwball sound.
Purple Haze Relief Pitcher Jimi Hendrix. The Ryne Duren of the bullpen, this one is nothing but heat. Fire, fire, fire, and the pitcher isn't even looking at you. Doesn't care if it hits you, or where.
Aretha Franklin Manager & Respect Queen
Sly Stone Trainer & Medic
Young Elvis Presley Coach  
Louie, Louie Coaches  




Most Cosmic Player
Be My Baby (Centerfield)

Be My Baby

Game Notes
Homeruns Be My Baby (2), Moondance Triples none
Doubles What's Going On, Radar Love (2), When a Man Loves a Woman
Double Plays Nine Great Singles- 0; Nancy & Sluggo- 2
Errors Nine Great Singles- 0; Nancy & Sluggo- 1  Stolen Bases none   Caught Stealing none
Left-on-Base Nine Great Singles- 8; Nancy & Sluggo- 8
Stadium Ernie Bushmiller Park
Attendance 3,119 Time 3 hours, 21 minutes

Scoring Summary

1st Inning  (Singles): Be My Baby starts the game off with a homerun over the leftfield wall. What's Going On follows with a ground-rule double. Hey Jude singles knocking in What's Goin On. Singles lead, 2-0.   4th Inning  (Singles):  Smells Like Team Spirit hits a single over the seconbase bag. Be My Baby smacks a second homerun (its third hit of the game) over the leftfield wall; two runs score. Singles lead, 4-0.   7th Inning  (Singles): Radar Love hits a two-out double into deep leftfield. When a Man Loves a Woman follows with an RBI-double also hit into deep leftfield. Singles lead 5-0(Nancy & Sluggo): After Stelmah draws a leadoff walk, Singles' pitcher Moondance serves up four consecutive singles resulting in three runs. Singles lead 5-3.  8th Inning (Singles):  Moondance hits a grand-slam homerun. Singles lead 9-3(Nancy & Sluggo): Five singles and an error yield fours runs.  Nine Great Singles Wins Game, 9-7.

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Personal Cosmic Game Report- Nine Great Singles Team @ Nancy & Sluggo
Published: June 14, 1999
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