The FRANK SINATRA CENTENNIAL BASEBALL SERIES is a series of cosmic baseball games played in recognition of the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's birth (December 12, 1915.)

Sinatra was a dominant character in America during the 20th Century. His influence extended deep into the country's entertainment, in politics, and in the lives of others who made a mark on the times. He was a man of his time and place.

Frank Sinatra's intersection with baseball has several junction points...a couple occur at second base.

In the 1940s he organized a softball team, the Swooners, and played second base. The Swooners home park was the baseball field at the Beverly Hills High School. The team often included among others, actor Anthony Quinn and singer Nat King Cole. "The cheerleaders were Virginia Mayo, Marilyn Maxwell, Lana Turner and Ava Gardner, all wearing Swooner T-shirts." (Source: Kitty Kelley, His Way. p 91)

In the 1949 Hollywood movie, Take Me Out To the Ball Game, Sinatra played the character Dennis Ryan, second baseman for the Wolves baseball team


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Frank Sinatra was a star during a time in the 20th century when American corporations "managed" the culture. Known as the "Chairman of the Board," Sinatra profited from his talents in a rapidly changing art and entertainment climate. The music culture, transformed by technologies that inspired the entertainment business found a mass market and generated huge sums of money. The professionals had ascended and an industry grew.

Despite calling rock and roll a "rancid smelling aphrodisiac" in 1957, Sinatra helped put the "pop" in music that helped make rock possible. Ask Bob Dylan why.

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