Anne Sexton, Pitcher

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Anne Sexton

Born November 9, 1928 - Died October 4, 1974

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1967, Anne Sexton, like her friend and compatriot Sylvia Plath, was a confessional American poetess who was obsessed with death. Like Plath, Sexton committed suicide.

Sexton's poetic influences included Plath, Rilke, Rimbaud, and Kafka. Anne met Sylvia when the two of them took Robert Lowell's poetry class at Boston University. Sexton's first book of poems To Bedlam and Part Way Back was published in 1960 and to some extent chronicles her nervous breakdown.

A 1991 biography by Diane Wood Middlebrook relied in part on recorded tapes of sessions Sexton had with her psychotherapist. This breaking of the conventional rules of confidentiality caused a controversey. Nevertheless, Sexton's daughter claimed her mother would have approved.

Anne Sexton

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