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Born circa 630 B.C.

Born at Eressos on the Greek island of Lesbos, Sappho is one of the first and certainly one of the most famous of all female poets. Very few facts are known: She was married and had a daughter. She was exiled to Sicily between 604 and 595 B.C. Only fragments of her poetry remain. She wrote using several different forms including hymns, mythological poems, and personal intimate poems. Many of her poems are addressed to other women and it has been suggested that she may have founded or been a member of a female erotic cult. One reviewer writes of her style: "Famous in ancient times for her depiction of passion, Sappho delights in sensuous images of flowers, the moon, the sea, and the night. Her style is straightforward, delicate, melodious, graceful, and witty." See Richmond Lattimore's Greek Lyrics, 2d Edition


Cosmic Playing Record

YEAR  TEAM             POS    B.AVG   At Bats  Hits     HR     RBI
----  ---------------  -----  ------  ------  ------  ------  ------
1991  Virgins          c       .214      248      53      13      29
1992  Virgins          c       .230      235      54      10      37
1993  Virgins          c       .249      249      62      16      41
1994  Virgins          c       .262      256      67      19      44
1995  Virgins          c/of    .194      366      71      11      33

*Cosmic Seasons: 5             .230     1354     307      69     184


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Sappho- 1996 Vestal Virgins
Published: May 26, 1996
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