Republicans @ Democrats

A Personal Cosmic Game

Democrats Win, 4-2

Paul Begala

Most Cosmic Player

Scoresheet Abbreviations & Symbols
- single   = double   FO flyout   GO ground out   LO lineout   W walk   K strikeout   HR homerun   DP doubleplay   E error
1B Firstbase   2B Secondbase   3B Thirdbase   SS Shortstop   LF Leftfield   CF Centerfield   RF Rightfield   C Catcher   P Pitcher

Boxscore Abbreviations
AB At Bat    H Hit    HR Homerun    RBI Run Batted In    B AVE Batting Average

Pitching Abbreviations
IP Innings Pitched    H Hits    R Runs    ER Earned Runs    BB Walks    K Strikeouts;     W Won    L Lost

In an attempt to determine the outcome of the general elections to be held in the United States on November 7 the Cosmic Baseball Association generated a cosmic game pitting influential Democrats against influential Republicans. In combination with the Bush/Gore Home Run Derby this game should provide some insight to the results of the voting. The results of this game might be predicitive of the various congressional and gubernatorial races while the Home Run Derby should provide a clue as to which candidate will win the presidential election.

But for a rocky third inning on the mound Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Dick Cheney pitched a decent game and might have won had he not thrown that fastball down the middle to Democratic consultant Paul Begala on a 3-2 count. Begala tagged the ball for a grandslam home run. In the sixth inning the Democrats' Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Joe Lieberman (Conn.) gave up a two-run home run to National Rifle Association chairman and Republican spokesman Charlton Heston. But the Republicans only managed one more hit during the rest of the game when staunch Republican Oliver North hit a single off the rightfield wall in the top of the ninth. North was left stranded.

Despite the fact that many of the players are heavy hitters with substantial influence in their respective parties there really wasn't much bat swinging in the game and even less contact with the ball. Whether or not one can rely on the results of this cosmic game to determine the reality election results is a decision each citizen must make on their own.

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Cosmic Game Simulation- Republicans @ Democrats
Copyright © 2000 by the Cosmic Baseball Association
Published: October 5, 2000