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There have been 42 American presidential terms, representing 41 unique presidents and 37 unique names. Of the 37 unique names, 29 have counterpart namesakes in the statistical records of professional American baseball. The table below lists the number of occurences of the namesakes, in chronological order of term served.

The most common namesake is Johnson which occurs 83 times in the records. Eight presidents have no namesakes: Arthur, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Fillmore, McKinley, Polk, Roosevelt, and Truman.

Since 1996 is a presidential election year we researched the namesakes of the main candidates. President Clinton has two namesakes: "Big Jim" Clinton who played for ten years for a whole slew of teams between 1876 and 1886. "Big Jim" has a career batting average of .264 and unlike the current president, Jim Clinton was righthanded.

Senator Bob Dole has one namesake, Lester Carrington Dole who played just one game, had four at bats. Lester ended his professional playing career the same day it started and compiled a .500 batting average with one run scored.

Vice President Albert Gore also has one namesake: George F. "Piano Legs" Gore played 14 years from 1879 to 1892, finishing up his career in St. Louis with the Cardinals. "Piano Legs" has a career batting average of .301 with over 5,300 at bats. He batted left, threw right, and played the outfield.

Jack Kemp has one namesake in baseball: Steve Kemp who played eleven years in the Major League for the Tigers, White Sox, Yankees, Pirates and he finished up in 1988 with the Texas Rangers. Kemp is a lefty and he ended up his career with an overall batting average of .278, and 130 homeruns.

Washington 6
Adams, J. 26
Jefferson 3
Madison 3
Monroe 5
Adams, J.Q. 26
Jackson 28
Van Buren 1
Harrison, W. 6
Tyler 3
Polk 0
Taylor 44
Fillmore 0
Pierce 8
Buchanan 2
Lincoln 1
Johnson, A. 83
Grant 7
Hayes 9
Garfield 1
Arthur 0
Cleveland 2
Harrison, B. 6
Cleveland 2
McKinley 0
Roosevelt, T. 0
Taft 0
Wilson 55
Harding 2
Coolidge 0
Hoover 5
Roosevelt, F 0
Truman 0
Eisenhower 0
Kennedy 17
Johnson, L. 83
Nixon 5
Ford 12
Carter 12
Reagan 1
Bush 4
Clinton 2

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