Cosmic Baseball Association

1995 Paradise Pisces Roster

Al Capone, Leftfield, Rookie, Criminal (Chicago Gang League)

Clodia, Pitcher, Roman Woman

Digit, Catcher/Outfield, Rookie, Mountain Gorilla (Endangered Species League)

Louis Farrakhan, Secondbase, Rookie, Religious Leader (Nation of Islam League)

Sigmund Freud, Pitcher, Psychoanalyst

Allen Ginsberg, Firstbase , Poet

Robert Goddard, Rightfield, Rookie, Rocket Scientist (Rocket Science League)

Mick Jagger, Thirdbase, Rookie, Musician (Rock and Roll League)

James Joyce, Pitcher, Writer

Timothy Leary, Pitcher, Psychologist

Maria Montessori, Pitcher, Physician/Educator

Freidrich Nietzsche, Centerfield, Philosopher

Sitting Bull, Catcher, Rookie, American Indian Chief (Sioux National League)

Andy Warhol, Shortstop, Rookie, Artist (New York Art League)

Virginia Woolf, Infield/Outfield, Rookie, Writer (British League of Women Players)

Henry Miller, Field Manager

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Last Revised: July 5, 1995
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