The Poor @ The Rich

A Personal Cosmic Game Report

March 18, 2001

The Poor Team is made up of relatives of the Jones family who live in dire poverty in a city located in a so-called developing part of the world. The Rich Team is made up of individuals with a net worth of more than 15 billion dollars each (based on data provided by Fortune 500 Magazine from a 2000 survey of the richest people in the world.)


The Poor Team Wins, 9-3





Game Data

Homeruns   Susha Jones, Angel Jones, Myra Jones, Tuggy Jones; Steve Ballmer.
Triples   None
Doubles   Philip Anschutz, Steve Ballmer
Stolen Bases   None
Caught Stealing   None
Double Plays   The Poor-1; The Rich-0
Errors   The Rich-1 (Paul Allen- 1st inning, dropped ball)
Left-on-Base   The Poor-7; The Rich-8

Game Most Cosmic Player

Myra Jones

Umpires    World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization
Time   3 hours 18 minutes
Attendance   undisclosed
Weather   Sunny, Breezy, 69o F.
Official Scorer   Mother Teresa


About 80% of this globe's population lives on less than one dollar a day. Being poor isn't a healthy way to live either. An estimated eight million children die each year from treatable and preventable diseases. Being poor they have no access to vaccinations and other medical care. The social darwinists notwithstanding, on the cosmic baseball field, The Poor outfoxed The Rich. Little, malnourished Wee Jones pitched a fine 3-run game as every Poor batter except Python Jones got a hit. The five-run ninth inning that The Poor posted almost seemed to be more about rubbing salt in a wound then anything else. And when the rich men stomped off the field at the end of the game, one could nearly feel the tension and the hostility between the beaten billionaires and the victorious poverty-striken.

Donate Food for Free to Hungry People

Simulation   115

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Personal Cosmic Game Report- Poor Team @ Rich Team
Published: March 18, 2001
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