Cosmic Baseball Game Report

Planets of the Solar System @ Astrological Signs of the Zodiac

Planets Win, 2-1

This game between the Solar System Planets and the Astrological Signs of the Zodiac was played to further investigate the relationship between astrology and astronomy. Both share the objects in space as a domain. Both rely on physical observation and both use complicated tables to arrive at meanings. At some level, this cosmic baseball game embodied the tension between observed empirical data and knowledge gained through intuition.

The Planets won the low scoring game in the ninth inning. A fielding error resulted in an unearned run. Some suggest the Planets represent the science of astronomy and therefore the empirical process. Does this mean that by defeating the Signs of the Zodiac that science wins, that astrology and its mystical bag of tricks loses? Can one game be conclusive?

This is the first cosmic baseball game the Planets have played since Pluto was reclassified as not a planet by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in August 2006. While the rules modification permits Pluto to remain on the roster, the planet can never be a starter. Nevertheless, Pluto got a turn at bat in the ninth inning (pinch-hitting for Neptune) but the demoted planet flew out to deep center field.

This game was also played on the day that the planet Venus joined teammates Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and went retrograde. There is some debate about the significance of a Venus retrograde phase. The last one took place in the spring of 2004. The current Venusian retrograde lasts until September 8 (Venus Retrograde Series/Digital Odes). The box score reveals that despite her first day in retrograde, Venus did well at the plate (3 for 5 with a double). The box score also indicates that Venus, fielding at second base committed an error during the bottom of the first inning. Her bobble and late throw allowed Cancer to be safe at first base. It was not a fatal error, Leo would advance teammate Cancer to second base with a single but that's as far as the Crab got.

Baseball and Astrology
The world of superstition, magic, and ritual in baseball is commonly understood by baseball players, fans and scholars. Major League Baseball's official website inaugurated an astrology column in 2006. An internet radio show host and professional astrologer apparently uses astrology with some success in gaining an edge on fellow fantasy baseball contestants.

Baseball and Astronomy
Astronomy and space exploration tropics are likely less on the minds of baseball players. However, one writer discussing the approaches used to explore the earth's moon and the planet Mars, notes, "baseball and football, notably the differences between them, can be illustrative of the different approaches to space exploration....The Moon and Mars are very different, and require exploration approaches as different as baseball is from football. For the Moon, it's time to think of the new exploration vision as the opening day of a new baseball season, not as the kickoff of another football season...


Planets Signs

The 07 Planets
Closest to the Sun...a small airless place. Circuits the Sun every 88 days.
Earth's sister planet but with a very hot, dense atmosphere . Its "day" is much longer than its "year."
Third rock from the Sun. Home to the human race. Circuits the Sun every 365.25
The Red Planet is a cool dry piece of real estate with a relatively thin atmosphere . Circuits the Sun every 687 days
A Jovian gas giant with stellar rings. Circuits the Sun every 29.5 years.
A Jovian gas giant...the largest planet in the Solar System. Circuits the Sun every 11.75 years
A quiet Outer Jovian gas planet. Circuits the Sun every 84 years. Discovered in 1781. Uranus appears to be green and has 27 moons.
The "Blue" Planet with an atmosphere described as "dynamic." Also an Outer Jovian gas giant. Circuits the Sun every 165 years. Discovered in 1846 the blue planet has 13 moons.
Center of the solar system....All the planets revolve around this object.
The closest solar system object to Earth. Human beings first walked on the Earth's moon in 1969. MOON Note: Like the Sun, the Moon is the only non-planet (or Kuiper Belt Object) on the team. The Moon is a combination relief and starting pitcher and therefore works closely with the Sun, the team's only other pitcher.

Discovered in 1930 this solar system object was declassified as a planet by the International Astronomical Union in 2006. Despite its declassification, Pluto remains on the roster as a utility player. However, rules now forbid Pluto from being a starting player.

Pluto appears to be yellow in color, has three known moons. It takes Pluto, now known as a Kuiper Belt Object , 248 Earth years to circuit the Sun and this orb rotates on its axis in a clockwise (or retrograde) motion like Uranus and Venus.

Signs Planets

The 07 Signs
Bull/Fixed/Earth/Spring/Primordial/Subjective. Pure substance. "I seek myself through what I have." Rules the neck, throat, and shoulders. Glyph represents a full moon with a crescent moon attached to it. Bound to the land. Physical vitality. A female sign represented by a masculine animal. Steadfast (stubborn), sensitive (hyperemotional), composed/calm (aloof/dry), affectionate (over-indulgent); productive/fertile (material/crass). Rightfield
Twins/Mutable/Air/Spring/Primordial/Subjective. "I seek my self through what I think. A dualistic sign, its glyph suggests the Roman numeral II. Associated with intelligence and the communication of facts. Rules the hands and arms; notable eyes. Curiosity. Not represented by an animal; a human sign. Cheerful (silly), intelligent (super intellectual), versatile/adaptable (dissipation because of a lack of discipline), sensitive (nervous), objective (unemotional), precise (indiscriminate). Secondbase
Crab/Cardinal/Water/Summer/Primordial/Subjective. "I seek my self through what I feel." Universal womb. Mother principle. Nurturing. Emotion. Family focus with natural parenting instincts. Rules the breasts. Glyph depicts the joining of male spermatozoa with female ovum, representing the process of fertilization. Sensitive (hysterical), altruistic (selfish), psychic/impressionable (paranoia/hallucination), understanding (oblivious). Shortstop
Lion/Fixed/Fire/Summer/Individual/Subjective. "I seek myself through what I create." The sign of creation and divine incarnation. Masculine. Spirit made manifest. Rules the heart. The glyph is a diagram of the heart's functions. Maybe the strongest of all the signs. Confident (vain), progressive (self-seeking), warm (false modesty), sincere (duplicitous), affectionate (hedonistic), refined (opulent), inspired by universal love (egotistical). Leftfield
Virgin/Mutable/Earth/Summer/Individual/Subjective. "I seek myself through what I learn." The celestial woman. Differentiated matter. Feminine. Focus on detail and potential. Rules the intestines. Glyph symbolic of coils of energy, and the untouched vagina. Associated with the harvest concept. Mercury rules Virgo. Service oriented. Helpful (manipulative), clear (finds fault), dependable (indecisive), research/science (superficial/secretive), self-reliant (dependent). Firstbase
Scales/Cardinal/Air/Autumn/Individual/Objective. "I seek myself through what I unite." Universal harmony/balance. Spirit and matter married. The balance between good and evil, justice, equality. Unifying dualism, the glyph suggests the relationship between what is above and what is below. Rules the body's diaphragm. Venus rules Libra. Impartial (indecisive), artistic (hedonistic), balanced (manipulative), gregarious (dependent), graceful (superficial), inspirational (exploitive). Thirdbase
Scorpion/Fixed/Water/Autumn/Individual/Objective. "I seek myself through what I desire." Emotional power. Mysteries and secrets about sex, death, and rebirth. The glyph depicts male sexual power and/or death potential. Rules the sexual and excretory organs. Regeneration. Spiders, serpents, the night. Creative (destructive), healer (seducer), strong/loyal (exploitive), inspires faith, gives strength (psychic egotistical vampire), seeks merger with Spirit (wants others to merge with him/her). Catcher
Archer-Centaur/Mutable/Fire/Autumn/Universal/Objective. ""I seek therefore I am." Spirit diffused for illumination. Perfect principle. Organized power of the logical mind. Rules the upper legs, thighs. The glyph suggests the ability to shoot arrows/ideas into the environment. The sign of luck. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Sign of the prophet. The bachelor's sign. inspirational (unregulated mind), global view (exaggeration), generous (gluttonous), teacher (propagandist), bold (coarse). Centerfield
Ram/Cardinal/Fire/Spring/Primordial//Subjective. "I seek myself." First cause. Life principle. Pure spirit. Leadership. The beginning, the resurrection of life. The ego. Rules the head, eyes, eyebrows and nose, symbolized in the glyph. Mars rules Aries. The individual, the adolescent, and the search for the self. Courageous (foolhardy), inspirational (egotistical), perceptive (oblivious), decisive (not subtle), leader (selfish). Pitcher
Water bearer/Fixed/Air/Winter/Universal/Objective. "I seek my self through humanity." Ideal relationship. Universal bother- and sisterhood. The group, commonality. Power from knowledge. Disseminator of knowledge, teacher. Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius. Rules the circulatory system. The bohemian of the signs. Social (boisterous), loyal (zealot), intuitive (impractical), sympathy (aloof). Pitcher
Goat/Cardinal/Earth/Winter/Universal/Objective. "I seek my self through what I use." Practical. Crystallization of the material. The value of organization. The glyph represents a sea-goat, the top horns, lower fishtail. Seriousness. The mountains. Prudent (miserly), self-sacrificing (demanding), trustworthy (secretive), executive/organizer (dictatorial), industrious (ambitious), spiritual (superficial), empathetic/sympathetic (opportunistic/ambitious). Utility
Fish/Mutable/Water/Winter/Universal/Objective. "I seek my self and I do not seek my self." Emotion as a universal solvent. The dissolution of boundaries. Subterranean unity. The glyph depicts two fish going in opposite direction or two semi-circles united by a straight line. Cosmic consciousness. Rules the feet. Sensitivity, creativity. Death of the ego. Unselfish (controls through giving), imagination (hallucinatory/paranoia), creative (locked potential), universal (weak sense of self), spiritual (sensual). Utility



Aries is in complete control and shuts the Planets down in order.

Cancer gets to firstbase when Venus, who has just turned retrograde and is fielding secondbase, bobbles the ground ball and gets the throw off to Saturn, waiting at firstbase, too late.

Saturn gets to first when Virgo, fielding firstbase, lets a grounder get by.

Libra opens up the inning with a single but teammates cannot get the sign of balance home.

Uranus opens up the inning with a single but teammates cannot get the outer planet home.

Walks and fly balls to the outfield but no runs.

No score, 0-0

Aries puts the Planets down in order.

Cancer dials "8" and sends the ball long distance over the rightfield wall.

SIGNS lead, 1-0

A single, a double, a walk and no runs.

SIGNS lead, 1-0

Two singles and a sacrifice but no runs across the plate

SIGNS lead, 1-0

Venus and her sister get two quick singles. Two Planets on base, no outs. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter do a 747 and fall off the run way.

SIGNS lead, 1-0

Uranus hits a single into rightfield but Taurus drops the ball; Uranus goes to second. Pluto bats for Neptune and flies to center. Mercury singles Uranus home. Leo drops Venus' fly ball and Mercury scores.

PLANETS lead, 2-1

The Sun shuts the Signs down in order.


     Inn. 1: 07 Planets
[Starter] Aries
Mercury           6-3        . . .
Venus             K          . . .
Earth             3UN        . . .
     Inn. 1: 07 Signs
[Starter] Sun
Taurus            4-3        . . .
Gemini            1-3        . . .
Cancer            E-4        . . X
Leo               1B         . X X
Virgo             4-6 F      X . X
     Inn. 2: 07 Planets
Mars              4-3        . . .
Saturn            E-3        . . X
Jupiter           6UN-3 DP   . . .
     Inn. 2: 07 Signs
Libra             1B         . . X
Scorpio           9          . . X
Sagittarius       7          . . X
Aries             5-3        . X .
     Inn. 3: 07 Planets
Uranus            1B         . . X
Neptune           K          . . X
Sun               5-3 SAC    . X .
Mercury           5-3        . X .
     Inn. 3: 07 Signs
Taurus            8          . . .
Gemini            BB         . . X
Cancer            9          . . X
Leo               BB         . X X
Virgo             9          . X X
     Inn. 4: 07 Planets
Venus             1B         . . X
Earth             8          . . X
Mars              BB         . X X
Saturn            1          X . .
     Inn. 4: 07 Signs
Libra             7          . . .
Scorpio           4          . . .
Sagittarius       BB         . . X
Aries             6-3        . X .
     Inn. 5: 07 Planets
Jupiter           5-3        . . .
Uranus            6-3        . . .
Neptune           4-3        . . .
     Inn. 5: 07 Signs
Taurus            8          . . .
Gemini            6          . . .
Cancer            HR         . . . 1
Leo               K          . . .
     Inn. 6: 07 Planets
Sun               K          . . .
Mercury           1B         . . X
Venus             2B         X X .
Earth             3UN        X X .
Mars              BB         X X X
Saturn            1-3        X X .
     Inn. 6: 07 Signs
Virgo             4          . . .
Libra             BB         . . X
Scorpio           4-6 F      . . X
Sagittarius       5-3        . X .
     Inn. 7: 07 Planets
Jupiter           6-3        . . .
Uranus            1B         . . X
Neptune           1B         . X X
Sun               3-1 SAC    X X .
Mercury           6-3        X X .
     Inn. 7: 07 Signs
Aries             K          . . .
Taurus            1B         . . X
Gemini            5          . . X
Cancer            K          . . X
     Inn. 8: 07 Planets
Venus             1B         . . X
Earth             1B         . X X
Mars              7          . X X
Saturn            4          . X X
Jupiter           7          . X X
     Inn. 8: 07 Signs
Leo               BB         . . X
Virgo             2-3 SAC    . X .
                  WP         X . .
Libra             6-3        X . .
Scorpio           4-3        X . .
     Inn. 9: 07 Planets
Uranus            1B/E-9     . X .
*EX:Neptune (for PH)
*PH:Pluto         8          . X .
Sun               4-3        X . .
Mercury           1B         . . X 1
Venus             E-7        . X . 1
Earth             3UN        X . .
     Inn. 9: 07 Signs
*EX:Sagittarius (for PH)
*PH:Capricorn     9          . . .
Aries             7          . . .
Taurus            6-3        . . .

Game Notes and Links

Time 3 hours, 15 minutes
Weather Fair, 88o F
Attendance undisclosed
Umpires Henry Draper, Nostradamus, Maximilian Wolf
Official Scorer James Randi

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