Draw Me

draw me a heart
right from the start
picture it smart
and call it art
draw me a circle
and illustrate inclusion
draw me a square
and demonstrate confusion
draw me right angles in the morning
and make them wrong
then draw me a tune
in the afternoon
to make things right
when you draw me at night
draw me
naked and sane
shattering the air
anywhere near
or somewhere far
where the goblins are
and the maidens smile
and the wind is mild
draw me a face
that won't get erased
and draw me some lust
that knows how to trust
and draw me a feeling
that is forever healing
draw me a group of us
dancing in nature
being set free
pied pipers strumming along
singing our song
side by side
draw me a feast to eat
to satisfy the hungry beast in me
that beats inside
where I live and hide
and draw me in
again and again
'till all of me's in
then draw me out
and send me to your south
with my ravenous mouth
and draw me that love
that stands far above
and walks on the sky
and talks in the eye
draw me something please
maybe just a breeze
a vector to your place
a dream I could chase.

Piet Cross was born in the United States in 1952. He lives with his five children, assorted animals from nature and his books in Providence, Rhode Island. Click Here to view the Piet Cross Poetry Index.

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Piet Cross Poetry-The Breeze Vectors, "Draw Me," No. 46
Published: April 27, 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association
Copyright © 1998 by Piet Cross