No. 1

My Vector

If the breeze vector
takes me here
where I am
I am here
where I am
wound up
and delivered
by gusts of passion

For I am ignorant of the fashion
that shakes hands
to establish the ways and means
we coalesce
more or less
I think it's a waste of time
to shake hands
but throw me an orb direct
that I might absorb and connect
my vector to the passion.

Piet Cross was born in the United States in 1952. He currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island. The Breeze Vectors is his third book of poetry. Click Here to view the Piet Cross Poetry Index.

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Piet Cross Poetry-The Breeze Vectors, "My Vector," No. 1
Published: August 1, 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association
Copyright © 1998 by Piet Cross