Simpson Arbuckles

Deactivated Team
The Simpson Arbuckles were a team made up of individuals associated with the murder of Nicole Simpson. Originally created on October 7, 1995 the team was deactivated on October 1, 1996.

Simpson Arbuckles
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Simpson Arbuckles Players (1996)
Bailey F.Lee
Blasier Robert
Brown Denise
Brown Louis
Clark Marcia
Cochran Johnnie
Darden Christopher
Fuhrman Mark
Garcetti Gil
Goldberg Hank
Goldman Fred
Goldman Ron
Hodgman William
Ito Lance
Kaelin Kato
Kardashian Robert
Lopez Rosa
Park Alan
Resnick Faye
Scheck Barry
Shapiro Robert
Simpson Arnelle
Simpson Jason
Simpson Nicole
Simpson Orenthal J.
Vannatter Phillip

Simpson Arbuckles
March 7, 2001