The poems on this plate have been taken from the book O Holy Cow! The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto edited by Tom Peyer and Hart Seely. The Ecco Press. New Jersey. 1993.

The CBA would like to acknowledge our appreciation to Mr. Peyer and Mr. Seely for their generous help in making available these wonderful poems from The Scooter.

Rest in Peace Scooter...

All poems are copyright © 1993 by Phil Rizzuto.

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Got some chocolate-chip cookies here
So don't ask me any questions
For a batter or so.
All right?

June 17 1992
New York at Boston
Roger Clemens pitching to Mel Hall
Sixth inning, two outs, bases empty
Red Sox lead 2-1


A lot of money in that chess.
I'll tell you that.
It's gotta be..
Can't be...
Not a good game for television.

I'm not knocking it.
But it's not a spectator sport.

September 4, 1992
Texas at New York
Rich Monteleone pitching to Rafael Palmeiro
Seventh inning, no outs, bases empty
Yankees lead 6-3

Hall and Nokes

So second time around
Mel Hall and Matt Nokes
Solve Tapani's pitch
Heh Heh
That's right
John Moore's on the ball.
It does sound like a good rock group.
Hall and Nokes.
Hall and Oates?
Oh yeah?
That's one I missed.
I'll have to go out
And buy some of their records tonight.

June 11, 1991
New York at Minnesota
Kevin Tapani pitching to Alvaro Espinoza
Fifth inning, two outs, two base runners
Twins lead 1-0

Hero or the Goat

All right, this is it,
The whole season coming down
To just one ball game,
And every mistake will be magnified,
And every great play will be magnified,
And it's a tough night for the players,
I'll tell ya.
I know last night, being in the same situation many times
With the great Yankee teams of the past,
you stay awake,
And you dream,
And you think of what might be,
If you are the hero or the goat.

October 14, 1976
Final game
Kansas City at New York
Pregame show

The Bridge

Two balls and a strike.
You know what they had on TV today, White?
Bridge on the River Kwai
Everybody should have gotten an Academy Award for
that movie.
I don't know how many times I've seen it.
About forty times.
Alec Guinness!
William Holden!
Three and one the count.
I just heard somebody whistle.
You know that song?
That's what they whistle.
Nobody out.
And he pops it up.

May 5, 1987
New York at Chicago
Joe Niekro pitching to Carlton Fisk
Second inning, no outs, bases empty
No score

Poem No. 61

Here comes Roger Maris
They're standing up.
Waiting to see if Roger
Is going to hit
Number sixty-one.
Here's the windup.
The pitch to Roger.
Way outside.
Ball one.

The fans are starting to boo.
Ball two.
That one was in the dirt.
And the boos get louder. Two balls no strikes
On Roger Maris...

Here's the windup.
They're fighting for the ball out there.

October 1, 1961, WPIX-TV
Boston at New York
Roger Maris batting against Tracy Stallard
Fourth inning, no score, bases empty
Final: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0

Prayer for the Captain

There's a little prayer I always say
Whenever I think of my family or when I'm flying,
When I'm afraid, and I am afraid of flying.
It's just a little one. You can say it no matter what,
Whether you're Catholic or Jewish or Protestant or
And I've probably said it a thousand times
Since I heard the news on Thurman Munson.

It's not trying to be maudlin or anything.
His Eminence, Cardinal Cooke, is going to come out
And say a little prayer for Thurman Munson.
But this is just a little one I say time and time again,
It's just: Angel of God, Thurman's guardian dear,
To whom his love commits him here there or everywhere,
Ever this night and day be at his side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

For some reason it makes me feel like I'm talking to
Or whoever's name you put in there,
Whether it be my wife or any of my children, my parents
or anything.
It's just something to keep you really from going bananas.
Because if you let this,
If you keep thinking about what happened, and you can't
understand it,
That's what really drives you to despair.

Faith. You gotta have faith.
You know, they say time heals all wounds,
And I don't quite agree with that a hundred percent.
It gets you to cope with wounds.
You carry them the rest of your life.

August 3, 1979
Baltimore at New York
Pregame show

Reversal of Opinion

And he hits one in the hole
They're gonna have to hurry.
They got him.
How do you like that.
Holy cow.
I changed my mind before he got there.
So that doesn't count as an error.

July 10, 1992
Seattle at New York
Dave Fleming pitching to Andy Stankiewicz
First inning, no outs, bases empty
Mariners lead 1-0

From Slumber I Heard the Men At Work


When I was forced
To leave the game after six innings, You know,
I almost came back in the 13th inning
I want you to know I was thinking
Of Murcer and Seaver there.


I woke up
and it was like,
Like a nightmare.
I said, "Could the game still be going on?"
And sure enough.
I started to get dressed.
And then the 14th inning came.
If it had gone another inning,
I'd have been there.

August 30, 1992
New York at Minnesota
Russ Springer pitching to Chili Davis
Sixth inning, two outs, bases empty
Twins lead 5-1

Poem for the Last Picture Show

Wait a minute, that's right!
He's from this little town.
And the cars, he said.
They ride up and down on Main Street all night.
And that's the way it was in that movie.
With those old model, old...
O, that was really an excellent picture.

July 29, 1991
Oakland at New York
JEFF Johnson pitching to Willie Wilson
First inning, one out, bases empty
No score.

I Really Should Be Going Home

It's very chilly.
As a matter -
I'm telling you,
I've been freezing.
My hands are cold.
I have low blood pressure anyway.
And arthritis.
I really should be going home.

July 24, 1983 (The Pine Tar Game)
Kansas City at New York
Mike Armstrong pitching to Rick Cerone
Seventh inning, bases empty, two outs
Tankees lead 4-3

Philip Francis "Scooter" Rizzuto

Born: September 25, 1917 (Brooklyn, New York)
Height: 5'6"; Weight: 160 lbs
Bats-Right; Throws Right
Major League Debut: April 14, 1941

Career Totals (15 Seasons)
1661 5816 877 1588 38 563 .273
Rizzuto played his entire career with the New York Yankees.

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