Newshole Muckrakers

Deactivated Team
The Newshole Muckrakers were a team made up of journalists. The Muckrakers are thematically related to the Numidia Journals, another cosmic baseball team. Originally created on February 19, 1998 by Bob Greiner the Muckrakers were deactivated on December 15, 1998.

Newshole Muckrakers
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Newshole Muckrakers Players (1998)
Amanpour Christine
Arnett Peter
Bernstein Carl
Buchwald Art
Cooke Janet
Cronkite Walter
Halberstam David
Hersh Seymour
Lippman Walter
Moyers Bill
Nast Thomas Conde
Porter Charles
Pyle Ernie
Rather Dan
Shirer William
Sinclair Upton
Thomas Helen
Twain Mark
Wallace Mike
Walters Barbara
Wells Ida Bell
Woodward Robert

Newshole Muckrakers
March 7, 2001