Numidia Journals

Deactivated Team
The Numidia Journals were a team made up of individuals associated with the history and practice of journalism. The Journals are thematically related to the Newshole Muckrakers, another cosmic baseball team. Originally created on December 20, 1998 the team was deactivated on October 15, 1999.

Numidia Journals
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Numidia Journals Players (1999)
Amanpour Christine
Bennett James Gordon
Coffin Charles
Day Benjamin
Garrison William Lloyd
Graham Katherine
Greeley Horace
Luce Henry R.
Malcolm Janet
McGrory Mary
Murrow Edward R.
Ochs Adolph Simon
Otis James
Pulitzer Louis
Pyle Ernie
Raymond Henry Jarvis
Richardson Albert D.
Twain Mark
Wells Ida Bell

Numidia journals
March 7, 2001