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1999 News & Information Index
Indexed: December 31, 1999
This Index Plate includes in descending chronological order all news items published in 1999 on the News & Information Plate.
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December 1999
12/26/1999Former Telecity Superba CLAYTON MOORE Passes On
12/25/1999CBA Annual Report: 1999-2000
12/22/1999Cosmic Game Report: @
12/20/1999Cosmic Players in the News
12/19/1999Staff Announcements
12/18/1999Journal of the Cosmic Baseball Association, Volume 18
12/16/1999JOHN LEE HOOKER: New Delta Dragons Owner
12/15/1999Former Eden Bohemian Pitcher JOSEPH HELLER Passes On
12/14/1999Psychedelphia Woodsox Sign Former Manager HOWARD ZINN As New Thirdbaseman
12/13/1999Season 1999 All Cosmic Team
12/6/1999NIN-CLINTON Controversy
12/2/1999Telecity Superbas Draft SHEILA JAMES KUEHL and PORTIA DE ROSSI
12/1/1999Pre-Raphaelites Win 1999 Cosmic Universal Series
November 1999
11/21/1999Vestal Virgins Draft Lissa Roche
11/19/1999Cosmic Universal Series XVIII Starts on Thanksgiving
11/18/1999New CBA Website Design, Version 14
11/13/1999New Cosmic Team: Numeral City Numbers
11/11/1999Sappho Memorial Plate
11/9/1999Wonderland Warriors Draft Shamil Basayev
11/4/1999Vestal Virgins Draft Evelyn Bryan Johnson
11/1/1999Bhutan Vanguards Reactivate Duchamp, Courbet; Draft Muybridge
October 1999
10/29/1999Heartland Capitalists Draft Six
10/24/1999James Hampton Memorial Plate
10/18/1999Alphatown Ionians Sign Wilhelm Reich
10/16/1999New Cosmic Baseball Team: ALAHVILLE SHABAZZERS
10/12/1999Reality Baseball: Tony Trigilio Uncovers the Red Sox
10/11/1999Woodsox Draft Katherine Power
10/9/1999CBA Celebrates 18th Anniversary
10/8/1999Beat Generation Auction Nets $674,466
10/5/1999Pisces Broaden Eligibility Requirements for Season 2000
10/4/1999Us Supreme Court Denies Mumia Abu-Jamals Appeal
10/3/1999Sappho Retires; Sexton Named New Virgin Manager
10/2/1999Book Review: The Tarot of Baseball
10/1/1999Season 1999 Final Team/Player Statistics
September 1999
9/27/1999Littleton Magazines Deactivated; Player Deactivations
9/26/1999Wilhelm Reich Quits Mindland Brains
9/25/1999Reality Baseball: Earning from Other People's Mistakes
9/23/1999Cosmic Season 1999 Regular Season Ends
9/20/1999Vestal Virgins Draft Edie Sedgwick
9/16/1999Jack Kerouac Estate Controversy Update
9/11/1999Motherland Mothers Draft Julia Warhola
9/9/1999Vanessa Williams- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
9/7/1999Eden Bohemians Draft Ted Hughes
9/3/1999CBA Website Homepage Redesigned
9/2/1999Season 1999 Post-Season Schedule
9/1/1999Y2K @ CBA: Millennium Issues
August 1999
8/26/1999Kelsey Grammer- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
8/24/1999Bobby Unser- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
8/23/1999Cosmic Game Report: Eden Bohemians @ Telecity Superbas
July 1999
7/1/1999Maria Agnesi-1999 Cosmic Owner Plate
June 1999
6/28/1999William Allingham-1999 Cosmic Manager Plate
6/8/1999Dragon Noah Lampert and Virgin Hilary Clinton Meet in Washington DC
6/7/1999Virgin Manager Sappho Will Call it Quits After '99 Season
6/5/1999Mel Torme, Former Dragon Pitcer, Passes On
6/4/1999Current Cosmic Batting Leaders (62 Games Played)
6/1/1999Personal Cosmic Game Report: ALICES @ DOROTHYS
May 1999
5/27/1999Pete Rose to Throw Out First Pitch
5/24/1999Ted Hughes Enters Y2K Draft Poll
5/17/1999James Broughton Passes On
5/16/1999Sylvia Plath Chronology, Part I
5/11/1999Gilbert Millstein Passes On
5/10/1999Cosmic Game Report: BRAINS @ MAGAZINES
5/9/1999Aurelia Plath- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
5/3/1999Piet Cross- New Poetry
5/1/1999Personal Cosmic Games
April 1999
4/18/1999Walter Freeman and Wilhelm Reich Feud
4/7/1999Sonata for Kosovo
4/5/19991999 Major League Baseball
4/4/19991999 Cosmic Player Fields
4/1/1999Cosmic Game Report: Delta Dragons and Bhutan Vanguards
March 1999
3/15/19991999 Cosmic Season Begins
3/8/1999Joe DiMaggio Strikes Out
3/7/1999CBA Website Homepage Redesigned
3/5/19991999 Cosmic Players, Managers, Coaches...
3/1/1999David Amram- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
February 1999
2/19/1999 COSMIC GAME- Bolex Poetics at Paradise Pisces (Exhibition)
2/17/1999 COSMIC GAME- Dharma Roses at Vestal Virgins (Exhibition)
2/15/1999 1999 Season Notes
2/3/1999 Ray Bremser- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
2/1/1999 Francis Marion- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
January 1999
1/20/1999 Helena Blavatsky- 1999 Cosmic Player Plate
1/18/1999 NEW COSMIC TEAM- 1999 Motherland Mothers
1/16/1999 CBA Announces Director of Statistics
1/13/1999 Michael Jordan and Baseball
1/10/1999 Major League Baseball Website Standings
1/3/1999 Ginsberg Buys Dharma Beats
1/1/1999 Happy New Year to All Our Members & Friends

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Indexed: December 31, 1999
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