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This Index Plate includes in descending chronological order all news items published in 2008 on the News & Information Plate.
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December 2008
12/17/2008Inaugural Game Planned
12/14/2008Planets Petition for Pluto
12/1/2008Pisces Draft Ben Williams
November 2008
11/30/2008Pisces Sweep 2008 Cosmic Universal Series
11/13/2008Season 2008 Department Leaders
11/4/2008Personal Cosmic Baseball Game: Democrats @ Republicans
11/2/2008Washington Presidents: Pitching
October 2008
10/31/2008Pitcher Chloe Bloom Wins Film Prize
10/28/2008Washington Presidents Draft Barack Obama
10/23/2008Team Deactivations: Playing Cards and Orchomena Dahlias
10/21/2008Obamas @ McCains: Line and Box Scores
10/20/2008New President Will Be a Pitcher
10/9/2008CBA Celebrates 27th Anniversary
August 2008
08/22/2008Season 2008 Update
September 2008
09/22/2008Cosmic Season 2008: Final Team Standings
August 2008
08/22/2008Season 2008 Update
July 2008
07/18/2008Baseball Reliquary: 2008 Shrine of the Eternals
07/5/2008New Cosmic League/Team Structure for Season 2009 Manager
June 2008
06/28/2008Clemens Controversy Study Group Formed
06/10/2008James Hampton Quits as Washington Presidents Field Manager
May 2008
05/22/2008Box Score: McCain @ Obama
05/7/2008Linescore & Boxscore: Fox News @ MSNBC
05/3/2008Palfrey Umpire Nomination Withdrawn
05/2/2008Game Report: Dharma Beats @ Astronomical Planets
April 2008
04/27/2008National Train Day Series
04/23/2008Washington Presidents Draft Series: Clintons @ Obamas
04/15/2008Personal Cosmic Game Report: Pope Benedicts @ Washington Politicos
04/14/2008Cosmic Game Report: Washington Presidents @ Zodiac Signs
04/12/2008Recent Boxscores
04/9/2008Personal Cosmic Game Report: Cinema Effect @ Filthy Films
March 2008
03/30/2008Nationals Park Open in Washington, D.C.
0328/2008Recent Cosmic Baseball Game Linescores
03/25/2008Paul Arthur, Former CBA Commissioner, Passes
03/15/2008Season 2008 Opener: Dahlias @ Pisces
03/13/2008Ashley Dupre Named New Dragons GM
03/12/20082008 Jack Kerouac Memorial Game
03/9/2008Personal Cosmic Game: Hillary Clintons @ Barack Obamas
03/8/2008Asteroids in Cosmic Baseball
03/7/2008Website Hits
03/1/2008Pre Season Cosmic Baseball Game: Dragons @ Dahlias
February 2008
02/29/2008 Eileen Stein- New CBA Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
02/23/2008 2008 Cosmic Baseball Players
January 2008
01/8/2008 Candidates Shut Out New Hampshire
01/4/2008 Native Iowans Beat Candidates

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