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2001 News & Information Index
Indexed: December 31, 2001
This Index Plate includes in descending chronological order all news items published in 2001 on the News & Information Plate.
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December 2001
12/26/2001 Cosmic Game Report: Tricksters @ Angels
12/23/2001 Contraction Issues at the CBA
12/20/2001 2001-2002 Annual Report Released
12/18/2001 Experimental V-Log Goes Online
12/17/2001 Clark.Net Domain to go Off-Line on January 15, 2002
12/15/2001 JCBA Volume 20 Published Online
12/9/2001 John Lennon to Dragons; Dylan to Woodsox
12/8/2001 Three Cosmic Teams De-Activated
12/1/2001 E-Store Opens/Closes
November 2001
11/28/2001 Warriors Win Cosmic Universal Series XX
11/20/2001 Bio-Chemical Warfare Game
11/19/2001 Virgins Sign Clara Immerwahr
11/13/2001 Pisces Want Bugsy Siegel
11/10/2001 Ken Kesey Passes On
11/5/2001 Virgins Will Get New Logo
11/4/2001 Predicting Game Seven
11/1/2001 Pisces & Capitalists Vie For Silvio Gesell
October 2001
10/30/2001 Cosmic Universal Series XX: Woodsox vs Warriors
10/28/2001 Four Enter 2002 Cosmic Draft Pool
10/18/2001 Woodsox Win Subleague Series
10/15/2001 Subleague Series Begins: Phaetown Cars versus Psychedelphia Woodsox
10/9/2001 Cosmic Baseball Notes 20th Anniversary
10/6/2001 Homeric Antimodes
10/1/2001 Final Cosmic Team Standings
10/1/2001 Regular Cosmic Playing Season Concludes
September 2001
09/23/2001 Special Announcement Regarding the September 11 Terrorist Attack in the United States
09/10/2001 Cosmic Game Report: Ten Commandments @ Ten Most Wanted
09/1/2001 Three Vie for Homerun Title
August 2001
08/28/2001 Cosmic Game Report: Valhalla Minstrels @ Speed City Velocitors
08/27/2001 Jack Kerouac Archive Sold
08/20/2001 Oscar Janiger Dies
08/13/2001 Summer Nominated Rookie Draft
08/6/2001 Cosmic Game Report: Cuccumber Cultivars @ Macadamia Nut Cultivars
08/1/2001 Mid-Summer Reading List
July 2001
07/26/2001 Xoom Out
07/23/2001 Amanda Blue- New Manager of Membership Operations
07/9/2001 New Membership Plans Unveiled
07/4/2001 Cosmic Game Report: Beats @ Virgins
07/1/2001 Paul Oakenfold Hits for the Natural Cycle
June 2001
06/25/2001 Oscar Janiger 2001 Cosmic Player Plate
06/24/2001 John Lee Hooker and Carroll O'Connor Pass Away
06/17/2001 Personal Cosmic Game Report: First Daughters @ Father Figures
06/11/2001 Ira Slotkin Poetry
06/10/2001 Middleleague Cosmic Game Report: Woodsox @ Capitalists
06/9/2001 John Lennon Wants to Play, Not Manage
06/4/2001 Personal Cosmic Game Report: Technology @ Nature
06/1/2001 Bartleby Names COBRA Librarian
May 2001
05/28/2001Drucker Names Weick Capitalists' G.M.
05/23/2001Cosmic Game Report: Velocitors @ Cars
05/22/2001Kerouac Scroll Sold (Update)
05/21/2001Frederic Chopin 2001 Cosmic Player Plate
05/7/2001Three New Cosmic Umpires are Named
April 2001
04/23/2001Cosmic Baseball Collectibles E-Store Opens
04/22/2001Kim Fairchild Photography Exhibit
04/16/2001Information Cards @ Road Rays- Personal Cosmic Game Report
04/15/2001Alphatown Ionians Draft Paul Otlet
04/11/2001Imperial City Insects- Will the Team be Deactivated?
04/2/2001Website Migration Notes
04/1/2001Major League Baseball Notes
04/1/2001Cosmic Baseball Collectibles
March 2001
03/18/2001Personal Cosmic Game Report: The Poor @ The Rich
03/15/2001Cosmic Season 2001 Begins
03/10/2001Molly Pauker- New CBA Commissioner
03/4/2001Online Interactive Cosmic Player Nominations
03/1/2001Cosmic Game Report: Phaetown Cars @ Psychedelphia Woodsox (Pre Season)
February 2001
02/22/2001Interview with Ayn Rand
02/19/2001Mother Teresa 2001 Cosmic Player Plate
02/16/2001Dharma Beats Promulgate Revised Beatification Rules
02/15/2001Pre Season Cosmic Game Report: Vestal Virgins @ Motherland Mothers
02/12/2001Season 2001 Cosmic Player Fields
02/11/2001Personal Cosmic Game Report: Sadeian Women @ American First Ladies
02/4/2001Paradise Pisces Sign Patricia Hearst
02/3/2001Vestal Virgins Draft Valerie Solanas
02/2/2001Sequoia blink's Blackhole Script
02/1/2001New Cosmic Team: Valhalla Minstrels
January 2001
01/25/2001CBA Averts Pulled Plug
01/22/2001Marislysis Gonzalez Quits Virgins
01/20/2001Washington Presidents Historical Roster
01/18/2001Gregory Corso Dies
01/16/2001John Lennon Interview
01/14/2001The Bushes of Baseball
01/9/2001Cosmic Game Report: Royal Family @ Manson Family
01/4/2001Cosmic Game Report: Daily Newspapers @ Television Networks
01/2/2001Fats Domino 2001 Cosmic Player Plate
01/1/2001Happy New Year Message

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Indexed: December 31, 2001
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