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2000 News & Information Index
Indexed: December 31, 2000
This Index Plate includes in descending chronological order all news items published in 2000 on the News & Information Plate.
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December 2000
12/27/2000Home Page Verson 15 Online
12/24/2000Cosmic Game Report: Pre-Socratics @ Hollywood Stars
12/21/2000New Cosmic Player Plates: DeCleyre, Dick, Eminem
12/20/20002000-2001 CBA Annual Report
12/18/2000New Cosmic Team: Phaetown Cars
12/14/2000Presidents Draft George W. Bush
12/10/2000Delta Dragons Name Afrika Bambaataa New G.M.
12/8/2000New Cosmic Team: New Kino City Framemakers
12/7/2000Cosmic Game Report: Supreme Court @ Supreme Courtesans
12/1/2000Wonderland Warriors Name Darrell Cole New G.M.
November 2000
11/26/2000Cosmic Universal Series XIX- Pisces Win
11/21/2000Cosmic Baseball Database (CBASE) Online
11/16/2000Imperial City Insects- New Cosmic Team
11/8/2000Did Bush Cork His Bat?
11/7/2000Bush/Gore Home Run Derby Update
11/3/2000"Lobster Boy" (Grady Stiles) Named B'Stormer Manager
11/1/2000Steve Allen Obituary
11/1/2000Season 2001 Cosmic Rookies
11/1/2000Casey at the Bat T-Shirt Advertisement
October 2000
10/29/2000Bush/Gore Home Run Derby Update
10/24/2000World Series Notes: Rocket Not Scientist
10/23/2000Cosmic Game Report: Gas Bags @ Blow Hards
10/20/2000World Series Notes: New York versus New York
10/15/2000Journal of the CBA, Volume No. 19
10/9/2000CBA Celebrates 19 Years
10/8/2000Advertisement: Casey at the Bat T-Shirts
10/6/2000Season 2000 Deactivated Cosmic Players
10/6/2000Cosmic Game Report: Republicans @ Democrats
10/5/2000Season 2000 Subleague Series: Woodsox Defeat Velocitors
10/1/200019th Century World Series
September 2000
9/24/2000Velocitors Rule Underleague
9/23/2000Virgins Draft Dora Marsden
9/22/2000Regular Season 2000 Ends
9/18/2000Baseball, Olympics, Australia
9/17/2000Season 2000 Notes
9/9/2000COSMIC GAME REPORT: Woodsox @ Vanguards
9/4/2000Bush/Gore Homerun Derby
August 2000
8/24/2000Website Status Report (Update)
8/23/2000Kurt Cobain Interview
8/23/2000Bill Lee Honored
8/22/2000Poetry at the CBA
8/20/2000Bush/Gore Homerun Derby
July 2000
7/10/2000CBA Internet Interview on Eyada Radio
7/3/2000Pisces Fire Nin, Hire Cobain
7/2/2000Website Access Status
7/1/2000Major League Uniform Number Retirements
7/1/2000William Allingham Interview
June 2000
6/25/2000Bohemians Draft Daniel Pinkwater
6/23/2000New Season 2000 Cosmic Player Plates
6/22/2000Elizabeth Dooley Passes On
6/18/2000Superbas Fire Flockhart; Hire Imus
6/16/2000Create a Cosmic Baseball Game
6/14/2000Bush Likes Rocker
6/11/2000Projects in Progress
6/11/2000Bush & Gore Scouted by Presidents
6/10/2000Selling Out
6/10/2000Jack Kerouac's Summer League
6/9/2000Website Hosting Problems
6/2/2000External Site Recommendations
6/1/2000Cosmic Baseball Association T-Shirt Samples
May 2000
5/31/2000May News & Information Archive is not available.
April 2000
4/18/2000Protests Postpone Game
4/17/2000Book Reviews
4/13/2000Mothers Scout Marisleysis
4/11/2000Signs of the Managers
4/10/2000Dragons @ Vanguards
4/7/2000Bill Gates Will Stay
4/3/2000Lineup Animations Slow Down
4/2/2000March Website Stats
4/2/2000David Kammerer 2000 Cosmic Player Plate
4/1/2000New Season 2000 Cosmic Baseball Teams
4/1/2000Numata Show Shut Down
4/1/2000Numbers Look at Future Picks
March 2000
3/27/2000Hancock Replaces Franklin
3/25/2000Ann Sexton Interview
3/25/2000Personal Cosmic Game Report: Killers @ Victims
3/24/2000Team Roster Access Standings (3/14-3/24)
3/22/2000Reich Stirs Up Ionians Club House
3/15/2000Season 2000 Begins
3/12/2000Jack Kerouac Memorial Cosmic Game
3/3/2000Yoko Ono Buys Vestal Virgins
3/2/2000Season 2000 Cosmic Player Plates (Bork, Charisse, Earp)
3/1/2000Beat Generation Website Reviews
February 2000
2/18/2000Intrasite Search Utility
2/15/2000Cosmic Player Update: SHARON LOPATKA
2/14/2000Future Cosmic Player Camdessus Gets Caked
2/11/2000Board of Directors Winter Meetings
2/2/2000Personal Cosmic Game Report- WARHOLOCKS @ SEDGWICCAS
2/1/2000Season 2000 Cosmic Player Fields
January 2000
1/26/2000Winter Rookie Draft
1/24/2000New Cosmic Team- SPEED CITY VELOCITORS
1/21/2000New Poetry from ANNA MARIE KERSADE
1/16/2000Group Protests "Vestal Virgins" Team Name
1/9/2000Eden Bohemians Draft Alfred de Musset
1/8/2000Major League Baseball Website Standings
1/7/2000Paradise Pisces Sign MARION BARRY
1/4/2000CHELSEA CLINTON- Season 2000 Plate
1/1/2000Happy New Year

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CBA News & Information Index Plate- 2000
Indexed: December 31, 2000
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