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HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR...From all the staff to all our members and friends in the CBA family: have a Happy New Year. Season 1996 is shaping up to be one of our best, and don't forget it is our 15th Anniversary Season. So, from us to of everything and remember: "get your kicks in '96". [December 31, 1995]

INTERSEASON PLAYER TRANSACTIONS...The Pisces have acquired two new pitchers for Season 1996: James Clerk Maxwell from the Ionians and Lew Welch from the Beats...The Ionians have drafted two rookies: Secondbaseman Bertrand Russell and pitcher Soren Kierkegaard...The Beats have drafted rookie firstbaseman Amiri Baraka (aka LeRoi jones) but have not found a replacement for pitcher Lew Welch...The Presidents have acquired four free agents: Pitchers James Polk and James Monroe and utility infielders John Q. Adams and Woodrow Wilson. [December 23, 1995]

LEAGUE REORGANIZATION...As expected, the Simpson City Arbuckles are being reassigned out of the Overleague to the Occidental Wing of the Underleague. The Park City Postmasters, winners of the Season 1995 Underleague Cosmic Series are moving up to the Overleague. So are the Wonderland Warriors, who placed second in the Occidental Wing last season. Question is, why didn't the Capitalists get called up; they are the Wing champions? A new cosmic team, the Vienna Songbirds will join CBA in the Oriental Wing of the Underleague, replacing the promoted Postmasters. [December 15, 1995]

COSMIC PLAYER TRANSACTIONS...Two player retirements have been announced: Zoroaster, estimable leftfielder for the Ionians has called it quits and so has Jim Jerue, a Pisces pitcher. Several player deactivations have also been announced: The Ionians deactivated utility infielder Hypatia, veteran secondbaseman Henri Bergson, and pitcher Albertus Magnus. The Beats have deactivated their catcher Herbert Huncke, rookie firstbaseman Ed Sanders, and the great and sage relief pitcher Gary Sanders. The Pisces deactivated pitcher Amy Jacobs. The Virgins have deactivated catcher Margaret Sanger, utility infielder Winona Ryder and glamour pitcher Marilyn Monroe. And finally, the Presidents have deactivated the Johnson boys, Andrew and Lyndon, both infielders and two pitchers, George Bush and Chester Arthur. [December 14, 1995]

SEASON 1996 PLANS- UPDATE... Underleague expansion is expected as at least two more teams will be added, perhaps more. Rumors are rampant that the Arbuckles are going to be removed from the Overleague and will end up in the Underleague's Occidental Wing, but no confirmations have been forthcoming from the Commissioner's office. On the admin side of the association, a concerted effort to include more of the CBA's archives online will be made. A decision regarding implementation is still pending. Should the priority of uploading be based on individual team or on a season? Should statistics be given a higher priority than historical documents? Membership growth is expected to be in the 30% range. Expanded WWW services including "CBA Interactive" is planned. Preparations for the 15th Anniversary celebration are underway; it will be held in October in Washington, D.C. [December 14, 1995]

SEASON 1996 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS... All members get one vote on CBA referendums. All members may use the CBA Member Logo (available in several formats including GIF, JPG, BMP and photocopy). Members get the ephemeral pleasure and joy of belonging and association. Dues are optional. CBA Membership makes a nice holiday gift. [December 4, 1995]

DH RULE UNDER REVIEW... A boisterous group of members and CBA fans would like the DH rule revoked. The rule will be reviewed and most likely a membership referendum will decide the issue. It is unlikely, however, that the rule will be changed for Season 1996. The logistics of referendum politics makes any changes to the rule unlikely to take effect until Season 1997. In the meantime members and friends can submit their views about the DH rule by email to: [December 3, 1995]

SEASON 1995 CONCLUDES... CBA's fourteenth playing season is over. The Interseason begins as preparations for the fifteenth season get underway. The Interseason brings the inevitable player deactivations, but also rookie and free agent drafts. Awards will be awarded and the inevitable analysis of the just ended season begins. [December 1, 1995]

PISCES WIN COSMIC SERIES... The Paradise Pisces won another cosmic series, beating the upstart Park City Postmasters in the best-of-seven classic. The Pisces won the fifth and final game on Thanksgiving before a record holiday crowd in Park City. More info at the Cosmic Series summary plate.[November 27, 1995]

NEW CBA PLATE DESIGN...Over the Thanksgiving holiday, CBA graphic designers redesigned the CBA's WWW plates. The goal was to make the CBA site interesting from a graphical point of view and functional from a practical point of view. The lead designer was Dina Damico who is fast becoming one of the premiere web-design masters. [November 26, 1995]

COSMIC SERIES BEGINS...The Postmasters meet the Pisces in this year's Cosmic Series which opens November 20 in Paradise in a best-of-seven games contest. The Postmasters competed in an extraordinary UCS against the Capitalists and there is some question about whether their mental states can soar as high again. But, hey, come on, this is the CS. The Pisces, on the other hand, have lots of cool and some bravado. Several Pisces pitchers were seen out and about carrying brooms to signify a sweep is in the making. [November 15, 1995]

UNDERLEAGUE COSMIC SERIES...The Season 1995 UCS was unbelievable. The contest was decided during the fifth and final game in the bottom of the ninth inning. The Park City Postmasters in their first-ever postseason appearance defeated the Heartland Capitalists in one of the most memorable cosmic series of all time. The Postmasters will go on to meet the Paradise Pisces in the Cosmic Series in November. [October 18, 1995]

CBA CELEBRATES 14th ANNIVERSARY... Fourteen years ago, in Lost Angeles, California, the Cosmic Baseball Association was formed. Organized by a small group of writers and artists, the CBA began as an experiment dealing with the dichotomy between collective and individual action. "Is it me or is it we?" was the question. Baseball, with its built-in tension between the team and the individual offered a ready-made structure into which the experimental fluids could be poured. Fourteen years later, with a vastly larger and more diversified membership, the CBA still experiments and adheres to its original mission: to honor the life of the mind and to enhance the quality and meaning of that life. Remember, "baseball" is only a metaphor. [October 9, 1995]

NEW OVERLEAGUE ROSTERS PUBLISHED... The following official team rosters for Season 1995 have been published at CBA: Alphatown Ionians (uploaded 9/17), Washington Presidents (9/21), and the Simpson City Arbuckles (10/7). The Ionians and the Presidents were created in the early 1980s and each team has a long and distinguished history in the CBA. The Presidents' plate has links to inaugural speech excerpts for some of the players. The Arbuckles are CBA's newest team and they are playing for the first time this season. The team consists of personalities associated with the O.J. Simpson murder trial. The team's name is derived from the comedian Fatty Arbuckle.[October 7, 1995]

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