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SEASON 1995, REGULAR PHASE ENDS...The regular phase of the playing season has ended and once again the Pisces rule the Overleague. The Heartland Capitalists stand atop the Occidental Wing of the Underleague and the Park City Postmasters, in a surprise to everyone, are champs of the Oriental Wing. The Underleague Cosmic Series begins October 1. [September 15, 1995]

WEB PLATES REDESIGN PROJECT...An overhaul of the CBA website is slated to begin this Winter. Graphic designers are already at work redesigning the Home Plate site. Implementation should begin in early December and will not disrupt regular online services. [September 21, 1995]


Note: August, 2000: This plate is currently offline.

A memorial plate celebrating the life of Jerry Garcia has been posted in the CBA's Special Collections. Jerry Garcia, legendary leader of the Grateful Dead band, died August 9 in California at the age of 53. Garcia played for two years in the CBA. Rest in peace, amigo.[August 10, 1995]

VESTAL VIRGINS ROSTER PUBLISHED... The Season 1995 Vestal Virgins Official Player Roster is now available. The Virgins have been playing in the CBA since 1983 and have always been one of the more popular teams. Yoko Ono, Erica Jong, Cleopatra and Pocahontas are just a few of the individuals on this year's team.[July 17, 1995]

CBA PUBLISHES FIRST WEB PLATES... Nearly fourteen years after its creation, the Cosmic Baseball Association has found what might very well be its ideal home. The World Wide Web (WWW), itself barely a six year old, provides the perfect and happy medium for the publication of CBA-generated information. Uploaded today is the Season 1995 Paradise Pisces Official Player Roster....Now the keepers of the WWW timeline and history data define the WWW as the universe of network-accessible embodiment of human knowledge. The CBA is honored and proud to join this universe-- and we will try our best not to pollute this new space. Our mission here, in this land of voltage, will be experimental and exploratory.[July 5, 1995]

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