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NAKEDELECTRICITY.INFO is a left handed pitcher and an original member of the Interland Domains.

NAKEDELECTRICITY.INFO is also one of the more controversial members of the team. Opinions about this cosmic baseball player are divided. Promoters and supporters point to the left-hander's talent on the mound. Critics and detractors claim it is not pitching skill at all but rather a shrewd use of distraction that accounts for the pitcher's success. Most observers of great pitchers conclude that greatness is usually a result of the bifurcation of raw talent with psychological manipulation.

Despite attempts to prohibit nudity in games played in Interland, there is no rule that forbids it (and the Cosmic Baseball Association has never restricted nudity on the cosmic baseball field (compare the Nude Island Erotics (active, 1984-1996). As the name might suggest, NAKEDELECTRICITY.INFO plays cosmic baseball without a uniform. The league does require a player number and the pitcher's number (#3499) is placed on the player's back to conform with the rules.

The (inter)connection between the sport of baseball and sexuality has been documented (see, for example, "Baseball Metaphors for Sex" at, and "Moving Beyond First Base" at Aspects of the game of baseball have been incorporated as metaphors for explicit sexual activities. There is an evolving taxonomy of baseball metaphors:

Getting to First Base... hitting a single or extracting a base on balls or arriving at the base by virtue of a fielding errorKissing (esp. with the tongue)

Getting to Second Base... hitting a double, stealing second..."hands in the blouse"
feeling up a woman's breasts
outside-the-clothing genital caressing

Getting to Third Base... hitting a triple, stealing third, advancing on a sacrifice...Direct hand-to-genital contact
penetration of a finger into a vagina
finger fucking

Note: In the 21st century this metaphor has evolved. The popularity of "oral sex" as a safe substitute for intercourse has made third base, for some, a metaphor for oral sex.

Hitting a Home Run... "dialing 8" (for long distance), knocking one out of the park...orgasm, usually as a result of intercourse
The explicit relationship between baseball and nudity is not as well understood. In the early 1970s the "streaking" phenomenon emerged in modern industrial cultures.
["Streaking" is the non-sexual act of taking off one's clothes and running naked through a public place. (There is some dispute as to the date of the "first" streak." Time magazine reported on a Van Nuys, California housewife streaking. In its December 10, 1973 issue, the magazine reported, She was eventually seen loping through a small public park, but before she could be caught she had disappeared into the night, another statistic in a growing Los Angeles-area fad: streaking. Streakers generally race nude between two unpredictable points, and the idea is catching on among college students and other groups.. reports, The first streak is alleged to have occurred at the University of South Carolina in late January or early February, 1974. It quickly spread to other campuses. At the University of Maryland, mass streaks occurred. reports, In the Spring of 1974, on the sunny college campuses of Florida and Southern California, the fad of streaking began. In any case, by April 1974 Ray Stevens song "The Streak" hit #1 on the sales charts. ]
The sport of baseball, like other popular and crowded public events was not immune to the streaking fad as men and women ran naked in a non-sexual (?) way. By the time the fad subsided in later years the tradition of naked baseball playing was well established in the environment where was spawned. On one level, the two realms, baseball and nudity, might converge briefly in the circle of art...where baseball has a small slice of the pie and nudity a much larger piece.

Artist Link These days and in our postmodern culture, we usually find controversy when the human body is exposed. In 1989 the Worldwide Cultural Affairs organization in concert with the American Express Company sponsored an exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center which included a painting called "Boys at Bat" (see image, left) by the artist Eric Fischl. The painting depicts a father swinging a baseball bat completely naked except for a baseball cap on his head. His son stands nearby holding a baseball bat watching his dad. A group called the Chicago Sports Council filed an objection to the painting claiming it promoted sexual molestation and homosexuality. After the executive director of the Chicago Sports Council met with representatives of the Chicago Cultural Center, the request to remove the painting was denied.

The image displayed to the right is based on a photograph of the spandrel figure called "Electricity" created by Jacob Fjelde for the first library building at the University of Minnesota. (The structure, built in the late 1890s was renamed Burton Hall in 1931 to honor the college's fourth president (1917-1920), Marion Burton,1917-1920.) Fjelde sculpted 24 allegorical figural reliefs for the upper level interior atrium.

The connection between libraries and sexuality may not be immediately apparent. However, there is an intersection and, a proponent of nudity and of reading, can be found in the nexus that combines the erotic with the organization of books.

Exploring the urges of the body in the temple of the mind

The intersection of sexuality and the library has been studied from a variety of views. Erotic literature exists on the bookshelves. Overt erotic behavior within libraries is a recurring modern and postmodern topic of discussion. For example, a survey analysis presented as "The Image of Librarians in Pornography" at a 1990 conference of the Popular Culture Association reviewed 49 hard core pornographic paperback novels published between 1978 and 1988.

Another observer reviewed ten novels that manipulate library and erotic content.

Since I was a librarian, I found the idea highly amusing, if a bit unlikely. Still, writers often base sexual fantasies on women in the workplace and their uniforms: you'll find bushels of porn about nurses, teachers, nuns. Part of the arousal factor seems to based on the paradox that a woman might be brainy and slutty. And even I am not immune to the erotic potential of the library setting, especially the dim and quiet seclusion of the stacks. Exploring the urges of the body in the temple of the mind may be a sacrilege... (--Candi Strecker in "Sex in the Stacks")

Pitching Record

2006-2007 Domain Development League

T   W   L   S  BS    ERA   G  GS  CG  ShO    Inns  Hits  Runs  ERun   HR  HB    BB    SO  

L 2 1 4 0 3.78 42 0 0 0 52.3 48 22 22 4 3 20 26

SOURCE: Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance

URL:                2007Cosmic Player Plate: NAKEDELECTRICITY.INFO                       PLATEID 3064           COSMIC BASEBALL ASSOCIATION
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