1996 Paradise Pisces

Maria Montessori, Pitcher

Italian Physician/Educator (1870-1952)

In 1907 the Casa dei Bambini opened in a poor section of Rome. This "house of children" contained within its walls child-sized chairs, and low shelves that were accessible to the little people that filled its rooms. This house, after all, was the embodiment of what became known as the Montessori Method of pedagogy. Its basic tenet was that the learning environment should be child-centered.

Maria Montessori was not formally trained as an educator. In fact, she was the first woman to graduate as a physician in Italy. Her work with children grew out of her experiences working at the University of Rome's psychiatric clinic. Her emphasis on the child-oriented learning environment led to the establishment of world-wide Montessori training centers where children were taught to be independent and to do things for themselves. Radical ideas during the early years of the 20th century. In later years, having left fascist Italy and settling in the Netherlands, Montessori promoted the teaching to children the principles of peace.

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Montessori- Cosmic Pitching Record

YEAR  TEAM              ERA     IP  Won     Lost    Win Pct     SO
----  ---------------  ------  ---- ------  ------  --------- ------
Montessori, Maria
1995  Pisces            3.46    226     14      12   .538        141

           TOTALS       3.46    226     14      12   .538        141

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1996 Cosmic Player-Montessori
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Published: January 15, 1996
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