Statistics are like the bathing suit,
revealing everything except what is important.
--John Mosedale, The Greatest of All

In the winter, when new baseball numbers are few and far between, the avid enthusiast either turns to reinterpreting existing historical data or, he or she simply sits out the off season in a coma.

An alternative is to generate new numbers of related interest.

Baseball and numbers go together like computers and numbers and the internet is a terrain where the romance of numbers and computers can come together. It is not surprising that baseball sites on the World Wide Web are numerous. In the middle of January 1998, a search on the word "baseball" returned 1,354,046 results at the HotBot search engine. Searching for "major league baseball" HotBot returned 157,563 results. A search for "cosmic baseball" yielded 1155 results. (See Search Engine Site Results Table) Baseball and baseball-related topics are very popular on the World Wide Web.

In the absence of any current reality baseball standings, we offer the current site standings of the Major League Baseball Teams. The number used to determine each team's standing is based on the number of sites for that team as indexed in the Yahoo catalogue.

Each Major League team has an "official" home page and a variety of "unofficial" sites. The Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA), which has collected the information on this plate, plans to periodically post reviews of the various Major League team home pages. If you would like to contribute a site review for one of the Major League teams please contact us by email at

American League Site Standings

National League Site Standings

Internet Search Engine Site Results

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American League Site Standings

TEAM Sites
Yankees 82
Indians 69
Red Sox 66
Orioles 51
Mariners 51
Blue Jays 41
Tigers 39
White Sox 39
Rangers 36
Angels 33
Twins 33
Royals 33
Athletics 29
Devil Rays 12

National League Site Standings

TEAM Sites
Braves 59
Dodgers 53
Giants 51
Phillies 49
Cubs 47
Astros 43
Mets 43
Cardinals 42
Marlins 42
Padres 39
Reds 39
Rockies 35
Pirates 34
Expos 33
Brewers 30
D'backs 13

Search Engine Site Results

Search "term(s)"
Search Engine
"Baseball" "Major League
Alta Vista 728,995 66,586 742
Excite 258,620 15,150 1,040
HotBot 1,354,046 157,563 1,155
Infoseek 550,892 57,904 449
WebCrawler 12,250 1,860 95
Yahoo Data
Categories 130 1 1
Sites 2,477 77 14
Source: COBRA- MLB Study Group

Click Here for the 1998 Site Standings Report

Research for this plate was conducted by members of the
Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance's Major League Baseball Study Group.
COBRA is the research wing of the COSMIC BASEBALL ASSOCIATION.
Website data was collected on January 15, 1998.

Research data and compilation is Copyright © 1998 by COBRA.

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Major League Baseball Site Standings
Published: January 15, 1998
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