1999 Standings

The Yankees (AL) and the Braves (NL) again top the lists of the major league baseball teams with the most number of websites catalogued at the Yahoo! search engine. These standings are based on data collected between January and December 1999.

Overall the net number of MLB team sites declined from last year and only two teams, both in the National League, saw an increase in the number of websites related to their teams. Arizona added 12 sites and Cincinnati added 7. Philadelphia lost the most sites of all teams in either league (19) and in the American League, Minnesota and New York lost 14 sites each. Despite the loss in sites, the New York Yankees continue to lead all teams in either league with the most number of websites (70).

The various web-based search engines continue to catalog and index a wide variety of baseball-related sites. AltaVista leads all sampled search facilities with over 3 million results when the search word is "baseball." We are also glad to report that both AltaVista and the Google search engines yield over one thousand results when the search term is "cosmic baseball."

This is the third season that the Cosmic Baseball Research Alliance (COBRA) has published data relating to Major League Baseball sites on the World Wide Web. We have expanded our recommended baseball site links to thirty of the most interesting baseball-related places on the Internet.

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Updated: January 8, 2000

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