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John E. Millais
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John E. Millais


An English painter and one of the founding members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1848).

The initial formation of the P.R.B. occured at Millais' home on 83 Gower Street in London. There in the fall of 1848 some of England's "young knights of art" including, Dante Rossetti, William Rossetti, William Holman-Hunt and Millais were looking at engravings by Carlo Lasinio illustrating the frescoes found at the Campo Santo in Pisa, Italy. The found the form of this art inspiring and in great contrast to the prevailing aesthetic preached in the art schools of London.

Millais was something of a prodigy having gone to art school at the age of 11. He met William Holman-Hunt at the Royal Academy school of art and through Hunt, Millais met Dante and William Rossetti. Millais had already achieved some success as a painter before his association with the P.R.B. His involvement with the Brotherhood would help him apply his considerable skill in painting to a more liberated sense of form and perspective and use of color.

Millais' first "Pre-Raphaelite" work, was "Lorenzo and Isabella". Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1849 it is derived from Keats' Isabella, or The Pot of Basil. The story is a sad tale of love lost and decapitated. The brothers will kill Lorenzo to put a stop to his affair with their sister. They have grander and more pecuniary desires for her. Isabella discovers Lorenzo's body in a shallow grave but she isn't strong enough to carry it back home so she cuts off the head. She places the head in a bowl and disguises it by planting basil in the vessel. Millais' painting depicts a meal Lorenzo is having with Isabella and her brothers before the murder.

Many of the characters appearing in the painting were friends of the painter including Dante and William Rossetti (William is Lorenzo, while Dante is in the back on the right drinking). This use of friends as models in their work is a distinctive feature of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Lorenzo and Isabella (1849)
Oil on Canvas. 99.1 x 142.9 cm.
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

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Millais' association with the Pre-Raphaelites was just a stage in his life and it ended in 1856. He went on and had a distinguished and conformist career as a well-respected portrait painter. In 1885 he was created a Baronet and in 1886 some 159 of his works went on display at an exhibition at the Grosvenor Galley. Art historians and critics generally consider his earlier "Pre-Raphaelite" work to be superior to his later work.

Reflecting on his past, Millais told a friend:

I'm not ashamed of avowing that I have so far failed in my maturity to fufil the full forecast of my youth.


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Official Cosmic Record

Millais, John
1983 Bohemians c/of .284 112 32 2 12
1984 Bohemians c .251 237 57 5 26
1985 Bohemians c .280 100 28 2 11
1986 Bohemians c .199 356 71 0 25
4 Seasons .234 805 188 9 74

Millais was an original member of the 1983 Eden Bohemians and came into the league as a reserve catcher/outfielder. However, in 1986, the pressure of being a full-time catcher affected him adversely and he retired at the end of that season.

His friend and fellow Pre-Raphaelite brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti tutored him in the fine art of pitching and, in 1997, persuaded him to come out of retirement and join the newly formed Pre-Raphaelite Baseball Club as a pitcher.

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John Everett Millais- Pre-Raphaelite
Cosmic Player Plate
Published: May 25, 1997

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