1996 Wonderland Warriors

Richard Meadows, Leftfield

Richard Meadows

Major, U.S. Army
Born **** / Died 1995

Major Meadows served in the military for over 30 years with great distinction. He joined the Army when he was 15. At 19 he was the youngest Master Sergeant at the end of the Korean War. He served three tours of duty in Vietnam and became the first soldier to receive a battlefield commission in Vietnam, when General William Westmoreland promoted him to the rank of Captain.

Meadows was an assault team leader during the infamous raid on the Son Tay Prison in Hanoi. He was involved in special forces operations in preparation for the failed Desert One rescue attempt of the American hostages in Iran. Most of his 30 years of military service were spent in the Special Forces and Rangers.

President Clinton, in a letter to the Major before his death, wrote, "In Korea,Vietnam, Iran and many other dangerous locales, you established a legendary reputation that will forever be hallowed within the special forces and by all Americans who know of your extraordinary exploits."

Meadows died just hours before he was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by Clinton.

A more complete story about Major Meadows in Soldiers magazine

Richard Meadows

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Richard Meadows- 1996 Wonderland Warrior
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