How Much Does That Broken Heart Cost?

How much is that one?
The one in the corner.
It probably costs more than the others.
It's in more pieces.
Shattered hearts
with all their fragments
are more valuable
than simple hearts
split in two.
I will pay a lot for that one.
The one with the many fragments.
How much is it?
It's something I want.
As I look at it
I almost feel
the need to have it
to put it in my home
where I live
A heart with many shattered fragments
on the mantle of my fireplace
to keep it warm
to keep it safe.
I'll study the rare fragments
so many of them
I'll be studying for more than a year
figuring out how the heart
was put together
how it looked originally.
I'll study the break points
to understand how hearts fracture.
I'll hold the pieces in my hand
to absorb more meaning.
How much does that broken apart heart cost?
I'd like to buy it
with a credit card
so I can pay later
when the fragments
in my home
are safe.
Can I take the broken heart home with me?
Can it be mine and only mine?
How much does it really cost?
[November, 1998]

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Anna Marie Kersade- Poetry [How Much Does That Heart Cost?]
Published: November 26, 1998