Jesus Saves

"Jesus Saves
And So Should You
Open an Insured Savings Account Today"

I read the sign
but who would believe
that the last bank on earth
would hype its product
in such a way?

With smoke still rising
from the rubble
with crisped human flesh
like bacon strips in a skillet
aligned in compulsive rows
with crippled masses not in transit
they torment poor souls
like me
with all this sickness
now it is time
to get down
to business.
Savers can no longer be offered
spiritual plans
instead of savings plans.
So what will be my salvation?
It all makes me recall
what some naked boyish muse
of a woman
a true lover-philosopher of old
once told me,
"Money will reckon your soul."
Jesus saves
but I never did

[November, 1998]

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Anna Marie Kersade- Poetry [Jesus Saves]
Published: November 18, 1998
Copyright © 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association