She Deuced Me

Splitting an Adam is an Eve's first responsibility

Where once I was whole
I am now spinning about
in two pieces.

From one came a displaced two
an ego fragment floats
moon beams from above bounce
off my dreams. I feel
like I am hunting her.

On my back I can gaze into her night sky
I am tracking the moon goddess
she dances across the cosmos
bending the night light
& for me.

What does America want me to know?
Why is my country embarassed
by naked poets having sex?
When did the whole world stop laughing at itself?
Before or after the concentration camps?
Before or after the atomic detonations?
And you ask why your poets want to fuck.

Who else can save the species?
Split every one of the poets into two pieces
male and female from one
and just let us fuck while you fund
theoretical life bargains.

The cosmos is not America
it is not the world
so when I am on my back
I am naked getting loved by my own kind
& my soul

splits because in two
I feel more whole
even if I am too weak
and won't stand up for my principles

Come on sky goddess
stick your tongue in my mouth
keep part of me down here
double me my darling
and I'll be half as good as you.

[October, 1998]

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Anna Marie Kersade- Poetry [She Deuced Me]
Published: October 30, 1998
Copyright © 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association