Naked Truth


You must not look until you see
that light that shines on this called me
my words are heard my voice is loud
my head is distant from the crowd
I gaze now where I sit and write
about the visions about the night
about the mix the mash the mesh
now look look at the naked flesh


I see this one here disrobed and free
I now think very carefully
of what it is I want to see
I can't describe but only write
despite the shine of blinding light
the color clear the hue bright white
I sound dry and caught in rhyme
But you naked always refine
the darker me, so lost in time


One part of me that's inside you
won't escape the clutch of truth
the naked part that floods my eyes
does not obscure the soul below
the heart beneath the exposed breast
the private parts that I love best
determine why I spill such light
for others eyes in dark of night
should see in you what I delight

[May, 1997]

from The Mind Fuck of Poetry

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Anna Marie Kersade- Poetry [Naked Truth]
Published: July 5, 1998
Copyright © 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association