A rhetorical Eve gives hand jobs
while pretending to pray
in a solemn home of worship

It is a house of glass confinement
espousing hermetic creeds.
Lionizing animals like wild boars who
have goat eyes and serpentine cocks
and who demolish handsome men
with no rhyme or reason.

It is an Eve
part of the animal vegetable mineral kingdom
who plants with her hands
in her holy garden of dirty enzymes
the sperm she holds
all is arranged by perennial desire
when the chimerical vagina is open.

Eve's beliefs warn her
that monsters she dare touch
arranged first by last name
then by first name
in ascending alchemical order
will later require her
to wash her hands of all such matter.

[July, 1998]

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Anna Marie Kersade- Poetry [Chimera]
Published: July 5, 1998
Copyright © 1998 by the Cosmic Baseball Association