Just How Did We Close Our Eyes?

I'm sorry I let us be that weak
so much so you couldn't speak
whatever truth had come to you
it went unsaid or at least unheard
I must have closed a door.

I couldn't hear the crying
or feel the fear below
I only imagined that
love was close at hand
that we had touched the prize

Just how did we close our eyes
and let the other go?
Why was it not otherwise?
Why didn't we forever embrace
arms in arms, soul and soul?

Still my heart
is hardly still
beating and repeating
conversing on and on
about a love song too long gone.

I want to finally recognize
just how we closed our eyes
to endless love.
Something lost and gone
cannot be loved for long.

Was I blinded by some folly
did I dream too much about a sacred lust
but breed somewhere a strange distrust
or maybe you didn't go deep enough
to see me clearly. That I trust in love dearly.

Can we say forever
or for sure
that where love is, it lasts
and that which ends
is only blind need and lust miscast?

[November, 1997]

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Anna Marie Kersade- Poetry [Just How Did We Close Our Eyes]
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