Is There Any Truth In Our Future?

we aren't true
you & me
there are too many secrets
too dirty to reveal
too hidden to know they hide
I lie you lie
the air is so thin up here
on this highest of ground
I don't need taking care of
you don't need to be fucked
we like each other because we do
maybe we are rotten
if I understand myself
there is no trust between us
our love is not about respect
pure & simple
it's not love at all
you can't even tell me what it is
but I know
as I know you
you want diamonds
I want to fuck your mouth
these are not dreams of ecstasy
we are joined & pathetic
it's not true love between us
is there any truth in our future?

November, 2002

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Anna Marie Kersade- Is There Any Truth In Our Future?
Copyright © 2002 by Anna Marie Kersade
Published: December 15, 2002