Classical Therapy I


My last lover told me
to get some therapy
It was her way of telling me
she was angry
Angry that I didn't want
to be
with her anymore.
My reasons for leaving
in retrospect
were trivial
Despite being slim and trim
she walked like an elephant
I want a lioness
who creeps and slinks about

I went to the so-called
classic form of therapy
which stresses erotic impusles
and childhood memories

I wanted to explore the reasons
underlying my desire
for the fire of the lion
I am a fisherman's daughter
but lions are my passion

My therapist
has helped me
to see why
I love the lion
It turns out that
it is the lion's heart
I love to kiss
it is the lion's boldness
that drips into me
that makes the kiss.

[April, 1999]

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Anna Marie Kersade- Poetry [Classical Therapy, I]
Published: April 10, 1999
Copyright © 1999 by the Cosmic Baseball Association