Robert Kelly

Field Manager

Born 1935

American Poet

Born in Brooklyn, Robert Kelly graduated the City College of New York in 1955. Three years later, after graduate work at Columbia he decided to become a writer. With over 50 books of poetry, stories and plays, Kelly is one of America's most prolific writers. In a newspaper interview he explained his compulsion and passion to write:

I write to tell. Writing is saying what you don't know. I write in order to reveal it to myself. And if I can reveal it to myself in language, than maybe I can reveal it to you.

Kelly started teaching at Bard College in New York's Hudson Valley in 1961 and has remained on the faculty ever since. He has also been a poet-in-residence at several colleges including Yale and Tufts.

In 1983 he developed a strong interest in Buddhism:

I sensed in Buddhism a way to avoid hurting people. If there's one doctrine I would like my students or my friends or my enemies to acquire, it's the sense of reverence-- reverence toward everything until proven otherwise.

A big man with a big writer's soul, we recommend new readers begin their reading of this important poet with either The Mill of Particulars (1973) or The Loom (1975).

Robert Kelly

Kelly is the Field Manager of the 1997 Dharma Beats Batting Record YEAR TEAM POS BA AB H HR RBI 1991 Beats of .192 245 47 3 13 1992 Beats of .279 247 69 10 37 1993 Beats of .267 247 66 7 31 1994 Beats of .240 250 60 9 24 4 Seasons .245 989 242 29 105

Robert Kelly at Station Hill Press

Robert Kelly's Baseball Dialog

ODE 16

Then I came to know it all
fernbake & morning glory tilted
trumpet to heaven, lust hibiscus
battering the wall. The green all
to know with my red mind full
of the rhapsodies of language bare or vested
the mere reach of this rich as-is.
Reality is escape. The rusty junk
of fervent highways soothe the mind
into self-consoling slumber. The real
real is intimate, hard to find,
locked & released at once in thought,
beyond the touch of poignant imagery.
Old men have syntactic minds.
Here winter is stored against delusive
solstice calms & small pink flowers.
Against deceitful resurrections.
This time does not come again.

--Robert Kelly

Source: "Sixteen Odes by Robert Kelly". Sparrow 41. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, CA., February 1976.

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