Khe Sanh Commanders

Deactivated Team
The Khe Sanh Commanders were a team made up of United States Marines who fought in Vietnam near the Khe Sanh Combat Support Base. Originally created on September 5, 1987 the team was deactivated on October 1, 1988.

Khe Sanh Commanders
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Khe Sanh Commanders Players (1987)
Breeding E.G.
Brindley T.D.
Buffington N.B.
Camp R.D.
Campbell R.W.
Caulfield M.P.
Dabney W.H.
Dillon J.W.
Everhart W.L.
Foley R.M.
Fromme H.F.
Gilece J.J.
Heath F.J.
Hennelly J.A.
Hoch K.L.
Jasper N.J.
Lanigan J.P.
Lownds D.E.
Matthews O.S.
Pipes K.W.
Radcliffe H.J.
Richards R.J.
Roach T.R. Jr.
Thomas M.H.
White W.J.
Wilkinson J.B.

Khe Sanh Commanders
March 7, 2001