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Kasia Karazim was originally drafted by the Vestal Virgins in 1998. She played three seasons in the Virgin infield before being deactivated after the 2000 season. The Virgins reactivated Kasia on December 18, 2004 as a member of the team's pitching staff.
Official Cosmic Batting Record

Kasia Karazim Official Cosmic Batting Record

Fielding Transformations

The transformation of an infielder into a pitcher is not common. In the real realm we think of the Boston Red Sox pitcher Tommy Brewer who started out in high school as an infielder but under the influence of his college coach he converted to pitching. Brewer spent eight years in the Major Leagues as a pitcher. In 1956, with the Red Sox, he compiled a 19-9 won-loss record with a 3.50 earned run average. Brewer was named to the 1956 Major League Baseball All Star Team.

The only cosmic baseball player to convert from infielder to pitcher, prior to Kasia Karazim, is Rapunzel. In 1984 Rapunzel played firstbase for the Metaphors. In 1997 and 1998 she pitched for the Fictionals. The great Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg converted from pitcher to infielder. And then there is the unusual case of Ann Charters, chronicler of the Beat Generation and a Jack Kerouac biographer. She pitched for the Dharma Beats in 1985. In 1987, 1995 and 1996 she was an infielder. Charters returned again to the pitcher's mound for the 1999 and 2000 seasons.

It is not a large sample but there is some suggestion that female cosmic baseball players are more likely to undergo fielding conversion then their male cosmic player counterparts.

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2005 Virgins Roster

Kasia Karazim

b. 1969

Born to Polish immigrants January 14, 1969, Ms. Karazim is one of the few Vestal Virgins to play a base and pitch. Able to do anything she attempts, this truly, remarkable, gifted, talented, Renaissance woman returns to the Virgins after an extended hiatus. She left after her third season in 2000, due to injury, a broken heart. Her journey led her to a new place, rendering her an unparalled peace and satisfied existence.

Educated at Union College in Schenectady, New York, she double majored in Philosophy and French. A student of life with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she also studied at the University of Geneva, in Switzerland as well as the University of France, in Rennes. Four years after graduating, from Union and after extensive travel abroad (Ms. Karazim fluently speaks Polish, English, French and Russian) she returned to university to study fine art and graduated at the top of her class from the Corcoran Institute of Art and Design in Washington, DC in 1998, her rookie year with the Vestal Virgins.

While studying fine art at the Corcoran, Ms. Karazim met Piet Cross, an eclectic and avant-garde poet. His work and vigorous drive inspired her. They met regularly during wild artistic gatherings where visionary artists and impassioned writers gathered to exchange ideas, art, poetry, performance art and theater. Piet Cross wrote the poems "Her Show Tells" and "Draw Me" about her. She especially loved the fervent philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and existence with this avant-garde poet. Their relationship was characterized by intellectualism and heated, passionate debates. Both were heavily involved in other relationships at the time and then life took them in opposite directions. He introduced her to the Cosmic Baseball Association and she fell for it with all the young, lustful, infatuated exuberance that was inside of her. She was drafted by the Virgins that year.

Ms. Karazim studied classical piano from the early age of 8 and continued to study classical piano while attending Union. Today she is not only an extraordinary and prominent fine artist and athlete, but she is also a talented and accomplished pianist. Passion flows from her fingertips when she intensely plays piano for audiences in her beloved New England town. She becomes one with the music and leaves her audiences awestruck and screaming for more.

During her prolonged absence, Ms. Karazim traveled extensively, set up a successful design company, and intensely pursued a number of other athletic endeavors including competitive mountain biking, skiing, sea kayaking, surfing and golf. Martin Heideggar’s notion of Dasien and Jean Paul Sartre’s concept of living an “Authentic Existence” had a profound influence on her and shaped her young attitude towards life. Her being-as-an-athlete during her early thirties was a way to free her mind and spirit from a rather tormented relationship that dominated her 20’s. Her absence from the Vestal Virgins was missed, but she a stronger player now and looks forward to leading her team to the Cosmic Universal Series.

Yoko Ono, owner of the Virgins was recently quoted saying “Ms. Karazim is a woman that exudes an energy and spirit that is so powerful, to be in her presence is phenomenal and inspiring simply because she is the most unbelievable woman I have ever met, yet completely, unassuming, unaware of her greatness. Kasia is so very real.”

In her spare time, Ms. Karazim writes subtly erotic poetry. She lives alone with her cat Hobbes in the mountains of New England where she has found peace and harmony. Her spirit and soul emanate a powerful force. Her aura is regularly written about by her local town astrologer and witch, Mother of the Sky. Ms. Karazim recently published her early memoirs including a collection of poems she wrote. She illustrated the book herself. She is currently illustrating a children’s book and writing original music for piano and voice.

Work by Kasia Karazim


Winter in the Catskills

Kasia Karazim
2005 Cosmic Player Plate
Published: January 14, 2005